Saturday, June 20

A Little Fun

The other day I mentioned that I had some fun news to share and then I was distracted by the overwhelming need to understand all of the things Bryce is going through right now. I'm sorry to have kept the good stuff from you and so, in recognition of Saturday, here it is...

I got to hold my sweet baby on Wednesday afternoon. Unfortunately, it was only ten minutes after my dad left and before Caleb arrived but it was the sweetest ten minutes of my life. There was no skin to skin, as they like to call it around these parts, but it was sweet none the less. I held him in his "snuggly" flat and straight in the air as his nurse changed his bedding. I held him until my arms simply couldn't hold him steady any longer. I thought I might cry because I knew I'd have to put him down but I held it together and smiled for a picture:

As if that wasn't exciting enough, we also did footprints!

We're still trying to figure out who he gets those "big" ol' feet from??!!


  1. Ohmagosh!!! You and him are melting my heart!!!

  2. Dear Mommy,

    You have such a beautiful smile!!! I can't wait until you can hold me really really close to you. I love you.

    your son,


  3. My prayers are with Bryce and your family! God is watching over him and your family! Stay strong girl- Love to all of you, Jennifer

  4. Trina,

    It is so good to see you with Bryce with that wonderful smile on your face. Being a mom is the greatest. The love shines in your eyes. Great news. Very big footprints for a little guy.

    Aunt Gene

  5. YAY MAMA!!! This is so awesome!! I love you both so much!! Yay Bryce!!

  6. The moment every Mom waits for! And he looks like he has grown since last Saturday. How big is he now?

    Aunt Pat

  7. We have been reading the blog, our hearts full of hope and love for the precious little one. We think of baby Bryce every moment of the day, thank you for sharing this picture, Katrina, your immense love for Bryce shows in your beautiful smile and tender eyes. He has the best parents in the world...
    Anne-Claire, Peter and Julianne

  8. Wow! What a wonderful photo and amazing moment for you. You know with those big feet that he's got lots of growing to come. :) We love you!

  9. You guys amaze me. You are so strong and proud. We love you guys!

  10. What a lovely sweet picture.I know some day Bryce will love for mommy to tell him the story behind it.How everyone was cheering him on.What a strong little fighter he was.If he grows to fit his feet he can hold you on his lap while you tell him the story.(smile)I know this is going to be a story with a "happy ever after" ending.I'll continue to pray for Bryce and his family while he is getting bigger and stronger.
    God Bless
    Granny Spriggs

  11. How exciting! You are beaming in your picture :) And what big feet he has!

  12. A Message For Daddy

    In the past two weeks I must say
    We have come a long long way
    And here it is ,your very first
    Fathers Day

    When I grow big there will be piggybacks
    and many days at the race track

    Until then I give you my promise
    I will stay strong
    For with a daddy like you
    I can not go wrong

    Happy Fathers Day!!!

    I Love You

    Your son,


  13. That is so wonderful. I can't wait to know what that feels like!

    Side note! Happy Father's Day, Mr. Caleb! It's your very first! Enjoy it!

    Lots of love!!!


  14. Happy Fathers Day, Caleb!!!

  15. This is the sweetest picture ever! Your love shines through your smile Katrina! Happy Father's Day Caleb!


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