Wednesday, March 30

Adios, Synagis!

During the flu/RSV season this year and last Bryce has been receiving monthly synagis shots. They're essentially a very, very expensive ($1,800/shot) immunization. We had to go through a lot of back and forth to get them covered this year by insurance since Bryce had been home a full year. But in the end the did it and he didn't get sick.

Today Bryce had his last Synagis shot - likely forever!

We saw a special pediatrician monthly for half the year for these shots so we had grown accustomed to the staff at ARC Far West's pediatric clinic. As Dr. Lingle left the room today (after bragging about how great Bryce looks) I overheard her tell the nurse that it was bittersweet.

I think, no - I know, that if Bryce understood he would disagree. He would be ecstatic not to have those awful pokes every month. I know I'll miss the sweet ladies of Dr. Lingle's office but I sure won't miss holding him down for that huge needle!

Sunday, March 27

Swinging & Grilling

Bryce loves his swing, Daddy loves to grill...

and my favorite thing to do is hangout out on the porch pushing Bryce in the swing and enjoying Caleb's cooking!

It's a Good Day

We had a yummy breakfast at Central Market Cafe, followed by a stroll through the Zilker Garden Festival at the Zilker Botanical Gardens. Now, with bellies full of Zilker nachos, we're on the Zilker Zephyr for a train ride through the park!

What more could we ask for? Maybe a bit of sunshine, that's it.