Tuesday, January 24

BOTW: 12 weeks, 4 days

Went back to the perinatologist this morning to finish up the nuchal translucency screen. She said everything looks good right now, with an extra emphasis on the "right now."

I'll take that.

Now we're just counting down the days until our effective date with Scott & White so we can start the appeal process to get preauthorization for the cerclage. Once that's in place, God willing, we'll schedule the procedure and likely get in immediately there after. Dr. DeStefano said they'll schedule it like an emergency so we should be able to get in within 24 hours.

And so the nervous waiting continues...

Monday, January 23

On the Lighter Side

Our lives may be a stressful, tangled web of insurance, therapy and doctors but fear not - we still know how to have a little fun.

If nothing else, our challenging life since Bryce's birth has taught me how to relish in the delights of every day life. Today that delight was spending a wonderfully nice afternoon with the sweetest, funniest, most handsomest boy around. {don't ya just love that most excellent display of grammar!?}

Here he is doing his best to feed himself his afternoon snack - yogurt: