Friday, June 19

Baby Blessings

Yesterday morning I awoke with a start, knowing my mom would be with Bryce in the wee hours of the morning I quickly called to see how he was. She assured me that he had had a good night and looked great. I took solace in knowing that he was with Ms Lisa, his primary night nurse who knows him so well, and his Abuelita. I showered and dressed but felt a knot in my stomach for some unknown reason. Mother's intuition? Probably not. But I don't know for sure.

As the morning progressed Bryce was doing so well. He had great vitals and each blood gas showed better and better results, including a great decline on his C02 levels. He seemed to be tolerating the new ventilator quite well and everyone was pleased with his progress. I finally agreed to take a break and run some errands while his G2 (Sharon) sat with him during lunch. I returned to serious faces and xray techs.

Cathleen, who shows bad news on her face like a milk mustache, informed me that they thought his PICC line had gotten out of place and so did an xray to check its placement. In doing so they discovered what looked like just a little air outside of his right lung. An immediate follow up xray from the side profile confirmed and she wanted me to know that she was going to give him some pain medication before sticking a needle in his chest to remove the air. An hour later another follow up xray showed even more air - half of his lung's size.

It seems that we had just received a baby blessing. The original PICC line xray revealed the leak in his lung as it had developed. These are usually discovered after a baby's vitals have decreased and they are on the hunt trying to find the culprit. In Bryce's case, his vitals were so good that they almost didn't believe he had pneumothorax.

He's tolerating the tube well and we're just waiting for rounds this morning. They did his head ultrasound early this morning but we haven't received the results yet. Whatever they are we will deal with it, we know that we have to give Bryce every chance we can for him to show us what a strong boy he is. Please keep us in your prayers this morning, we feel a great need for them today.


  1. On my watch! I feel like the worst babysitter ever, even though I know better...but you are right that it was a blessing that it was discovered the way it was...and handled with the usual expertise we find there at Dell...and Bryce as resilient as he always seems to be!! What a guy.
    xx G2

  2. He's a fighter, that's for sure. Hang in there mom & dad!


  3. Prayers are a powerful thing.Maybe we all need to work a little harder at being real prayer warriors.Baby Bryce has shown he is a fighter.I'm glad his granny Norma was there with him in the early hours.He knew she was there too.
    Babies can feel the warm caress of their mommie's
    hands and their grannie's too.If love could make things better,Little Bryce would be up and walking tomorrow.So we have to a faith that God will work at his on pace.After all he is making a master piece.I will continue to pray for this little family and my friend his granny Norma.
    God Bless.
    Granny Spriggs

  4. Praying for you every day. One day you will look back and see the footprints in the sand. You're not alone in there. We love you guys!

    Mary and Jeff

  5. One obstacle at a time. One miracle at time. It's true, prayer is powerful and you wouldn't believe the amount of prayers being sent your direction. We are all here for you!

    I love you!


  6. Bryce, Trina and Caleb,

    We are all praying for you. We have thought about all of you today as always. We know that Bryce is a fighter. We are with you and love all of you.

    Gene, Lolo and Tim


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