Sunday, June 14

Dad's recollection of Bryce's birth

Life started out for Bryce in very rough and less than ideal conditions. I'll take you back to Sunday night (6/7/09) when Katrina and I got home from my mom's house because I was helping her move out of her house. Katrina obviously didn't help out, but on our way home she complained of having pressure in her lower belly and thought it was just gas. We stopped at HEB to check her BP and everything was good. So we get home and she goes to take a shower and tells me to call the midwife because something wasn't right and when I get off the phone with her I here her crying in the other room.

When I get in there, she has her knee's bent a little and leaning on the bed. I tell her to get on the bed but she says she can't because of the pain and in less than a minute, her water broke. This might seem normal but she is only 24 weeks pregnant, which is 16 weeks early. I am freaking out at this point and she wants to go to the bathroom so we go in there and I call the midwife back. In less than a minute she tells me "something came out" and stands up all the way and I see Bryce in the toilet. I am about to pass out at this point but I pick him up and am able to hold him with one hand, hang up on the midwife and dial 911 with the other. The operator gives me instructions to give him chest compressions and mouth to mouth until EMS arrives. I first gave him mouth to mouth, covering his mouth and nose with my mouth and giving him two puffs of air then Katrina followed with thirty chest compressions. We did this until EMS arrived about ten minutes later. I had to shove Lexi (our nosy cat) out of the way a couple of times because she always has to get in everyone's business. They took over from there and I was in panic mode at this point with so many people around. I wanted to help out but there was nothing for me to do.

Once they wheeled Katrina out, I gathered up some cloths and officer J. Miller from CPPD took me to the hospital. Bryce and Katrina went to Cedar Park regional medical where he stayed for a few hours until they sent him to Dell Children's Medical Center. Katrina and I stayed until her discharge around 9 am. That's pretty much it, most everything else as far as updates are on the blog.



  1. Way to go Dad! I can't imagine what it was really like in the bathroom that night, but you were amazing. You didn't get to coach Katrina as planned but when thrown a curve you performed like a champ. Jeff and I were stunned with what you were able to do. You and Katrina gave Bryce a fighting chance.
    All our love,
    Jeff and Mary

  2. Nearly one week down...many steps made...many milestones to come!

  3. Wow that will be an amazing experience to tell your strong beautiful son in the future. The both of you brave parents. I am sure there are many that look up to you to have been able to give your son that chance at life. Still ours prayerss are with you family.


  4. Dear Mommie & Daddy,

    Well its been one week since I made my grand entrance into this world, I think grand might be an understatement. I have to agree it was a whirl wind of events, but we made it through it. You both did such a good job and I am living proof of it!!!!! You both deserve the parents of the year award. I love you both so very much. I want to thank all of our friends for their out pouring prayers and support. Last but not least I want to thank God for answering all of his calls and fulfilling everyone prayers.

    Your little fighter,


  5. Dear God,

    Please watch over my Mommie & Daddy. Give them both strength to make it through this. Please make sure that they both get some rest so they can stay healthy. And God would you please watch over all the other little babies here with me, they need your help too. Please send out all your extra angels.


    Bryce Alexander Moline

  6. Holy smokes, Caleb!! Most men would love to have such an active roll in the birth, and you did it! I am so proud, and happy for you both. You are fine parents and Bryce is a lucky, LUCKY little guy!

  7. This in itself proves that the two of you are destined to be parents. You can handle anything. I'm so very proud of the both of you and amazed at the strength that you passed on to Bryce. This is truly a story that everyone will remember. The story of Bryce.



  8. Sending you all our love and prayers. Stay strong



  9. Caleb,
    I love you lots & am so proud of you !!
    Bryce will have to fight alot but in good time will be playing WII sports with us and when Trinas not around lol you can teach him your fart tricks!!
    Love yall


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