Thursday, April 15

Cedar Park Emergency Responders

Where to start?

Let's see, I guess firefighters are always a good place to start, right? Two days ago Bryce and I were on our way home from Tractor Supply (in another feeble attempt to further my ambition of growing home grown, organic foods for Bryce) when we passed the Sonic just outside our neighborhood and I couldn't help but notice the Cedar Park fire truck.

I saw a couple of firemen sitting down eating their early dinner. I hesitated long enough to get to the entrance of our neighborhood but decided hastily to turn around and ask. You see I've been thinking a lot about these guys. The ones that were there, first on site, the night Bryce came so suddenly into our lives. I wanted to do something for them, to thank them for helping give our precious son a fighting chance at life.

So we made a quick u-turn and headed back to the Sonic. I parked up front and awkwardly began trying to explain why I was interrupting their supper. The one I approached was too in shock at my "alleged" story to speak but another sitting quietly eating asked what the situation was and if we were in a bathroom. When I responded appropriately he quickly exclaimed, "That was me!"

Imagine my shock and disbelief. Here I was working on a garden one minute and the next I'm standing face to face with the man who may have aided in saving Bryce's life, not to mention has seen me stark naked. I don't fully understand the whole stark and blue jay, or other bird reference, but I get the jist and it wasn't what I had in mind when I awoke that morning!

The firefighter was unscathed and quickly explained that they had called to check on Bryce and were happy to hear that he had survived until his transfer to Dell but beyond that had had no knowledge of Bryce at all. They literally had no idea if had survived a day, a week or almost a year now.

I was happy to reply, "Well, he's in the car - do you want to see him?" He was more than happy to oblige and spent the next ten minutes oohing and aahing over Bryce. How big he is now and how God must have big plans for him. It warmed my heart beyond imagination, yours or mine, to watch.

We talked quite a bit and I now know their full schedule and location, as well as the EMT's. We're going to take them all a home cooked dinner in the coming weeks and sit down to eat with them. I am so looking forward to not only giving back to them but to them getting to experience a little of Bryce and his miraculousness.

By the way, I'm taking suggestions on a hearty, healthy meal for a firehouse of firefighters and EMTs. hint, hint...comments, please!

The other awesomeness that happened this week is yesterday we got the rare opportunity to sit down at lunch with Danielle and Lisa (two of Bryce's primary nurses, aka pseudo moms, while he was in the hospital) and little Benjamin, Lisa's too-adorable-for-words 1-year-old boy. We were at Chili's for two hours and it seemed like minutes.

It was amazing sitting down and getting to spend some quality time with these amazing ladies. And I can't wait to share it all with you - but it's way past my bed time and Bryce still wakes up every night to eat. So I better do the wise thing and save that special story for another day.

Good night all!