Wednesday, September 30

YOU are awesome!

Thank YOU for your comments and your visits, your thoughts and your prayers, your smiles and your tears...we couldn't, wouldn't, can't bear the thought of being here - right here - without every single one of you. You've carried us when we were weak, you've helped us along when our burden was heavy, you've stuck by us through trial and triumph. We love you, every single one of you...stranger, nurse, RT, friend, aunt, mother, father, sister, brother, friend of a friend and family of family...can't imagine where we'd be without you, so grateful for where we are because of you. Thank you. We love you. Forever Grateful.



Yesterday morning Bryce shocked his day nurse by taking 15 cc from a bottle like he'd been doing it his whole life. She thought he'd take 2 or maybe 3. She also warned me that he might aspirate (breathe while sucking) or brady (drop his heart rate) - he did neither.

Last night Bryce shocked me, Caleb and his night nurse by latching on and nursing for fifteen minutes! When Caleb went to get the nurse to ask if he needed his feed shortened because he was breastfeeding the nurse had to come in and see for herself because she didn't believe he could be doing it already. He was, she witnessed it and then bragged to the doctor too.

Guess that whole 40 weeks thing isn't just a number pulled from thin air...babies need it, even the ones that make their appearance much, much earlier.

At 2:30 p.m. today Bryce will have been off of the ventilator for a full three days. We can't believe how blessed we are to be making such amazing progress this week!

I'm pretty much speechless, well that and scared to jinx it...

Monday, September 28

What a Wonderful World

Life in the NICU has suddenly taken a dramatic turn for the better and we couldn't be happier!

As always, I'm too cautiously optimistic for any one's good but I've been burned too many times to be any other way.

And still, I find myself feeling like, well, "Self, this is what it's supposed to be like...more or less."

Bryce is doing so fabulously it seems like an awesome dream I'll wake up from any second. In much the same way I bolted awake every hour on the hour all night last night to panic and double check that the light in his room wasn't on, that there wasn't a room full of people reintubating Bryce while I slept.

The docs were so impressed with Bryce this morning that they decided to go down from 6 liters to 4 liters per hour of high flow nasal cannula. He didn't skip a beat.

Oh and we had a meet in greet with the boob. That was interesting. Not really anything in the world that can prepare you for that.

Of course, he either screamed his head off (BECAUSE HE CAN DO THAT NOW!!) or slept soundly despite all the nudging and tickling in the world.

We'll try again tonight and then again tomorrow with the lactation consultant.

In the words of the wise G2, "I hope Bryce is a breast man."

bryce breathing and mad-20090928

Bryce fussy but doing great!
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