Wednesday, February 13

Thank YOU!

I want to update you all on the status of Bryce's application to the Conductive Learning Center in Grand Rapids but first I just have to take a moment to express our immense gratitude.

We honestly did not believe that we could raise the minimum amount of money we needed in order to make this trip possible. We figured it was a long shot that we just had to take.

Boy, did you guys ever prove us wrong. And I've never been so happy to be absolutely, categorically wrong, wrong, wrong.

Our small network of friends and family spread the word about our fundraiser and we stood by in shock every single day watching the donations pour in.

The fact that complete strangers reached into their pockets and donated their hard earned money for our little man leaves me speechless. Well, almost.

I hope that every single person who donated, spread the word, supported our fundraiser or sent up a prayer for us is reading this right now.

Because I need you to know that we are eternally grateful. Not to mention completely astounded by your generosity. Thank you from the bottoms of our hearts.

As for Bryce's admission status.  We don't really know more than we did last week. 

I spoke to the director and she said that she has reviewed Bryce's application and assessment video and feels very strongly that he would benefit greatly from the program.  She said that she had no doubt that he could make great strides toward becoming more independent. 

BUT that they need another couple of weeks to review all of the applicants before they can say whether they will have a spot for our Bryce this summer.

The last thing she said was that she hopes that if Bryce doesn't get to go to their summer camp this summer that we won't give up and that we'll make every effort to get him into a conductive education program somewhere, sometime.  She was of course saying that they have other programs that run throughout the school year at their center but also that he should just go somewhere.  She said that she felt like it would open his world up to so many new opportunites for success and independence that it would be a shame if he didn't go. 

With that said, Bryce will be going somewhere.  Our first choice is this center in Grand Rapids in the summer but if I have to fight the school district to get him a month off during the school year to go or if I have to take him to a more expensive program in some other state - we will put your donations to use for Bryce one way or another!

Thank you for believing in us and our little guy.  And thank you a million times more for your support and generous donations. 

I hope to be back next time with celebratory news!