Thursday, May 20

Let's Play a Little Catch ..... Up

So much has happened it's hard to remember what I haven't been able to write about. I'll do my best but forgive me if pictures tell the majority of the stories.

Bryce took his first trip out of town, he traveled all the way to the Woodlands, TX for a chance to finally meet his great grandma Jeanette. And it's true, she is great.

Bryce enjoying a stroll along the river.

Bryce & Daddy on the riverwalk.

Bryce giving good love (and slobber) to his Great Aunt Linda

Bryce hanging out with G2

The hotel wasn't bad either!

And then Bryce got sick again...yes again. I haven't even attempted to keep up with all the little colds he keeps getting. To be expected I suppose. But still no fun at all.

But then it was finally time for the March for Babies. We are so blessed to have so many come out in support of team BAM! (BAM = Bryce Alexander Moline) but in honor of all babies!

Bryce is growing so quickly and really making strides with his therapy.

We now have a full schedule of therapy each week: Speech Therapy on Mondays at 8:30 a.m., Physical Therapy on Mondays and Wednesdays at about 9:30 a.m. and Occupational Therapy on Fridays at 8 a.m.

Plus I have therapy once a week, on either Monday or Friday. And I work away from home Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, two of these days I drive him to Mary's in Dripping Springs and he gets to socialize with another baby. Little Miss Adalyn and he are so adorable together!

But Wednesdays Bryce usually gets to stay home with his daddy, which has really been the best for them both.

Oh, and Bryce sees his pulmonologist once a month though he no longer has to have monthly RSV shots. His pediatrician put him on a nebulizer treatment several times a day to try to keep his lungs clear which means there is another thing that needs to be cleaned and sanitized a million times a day.

But his first birthday is fast approaching so we've also been busy planning a big shin dig for that. All the while in the back of our mind is that the twice yearly neurosurgery check up is in June, as is yet another monthly eye appointment and most likely the pulmonolgy appointment where in which Bryce will be cleared for his urology surgery.

I dread the day, coming soon I know, when I will have to call to "voluntarily" schedule Bryce for surgery. As familiar as we grew to Bryce in the OR it's been a long time now and I'm just as trepidatious as the first time.

I'm grateful that the surgeon gave us the option to choose if he'd have the surgery at their outpatient surgical center or at Dell. For as much as I don't want to check in to Dell for any reason I feel equally safe there.

Since I began writing this much overdue update several days ago even more has happened! Bryce went on another trip where he experienced many "firsts" that I'll be back to tell about very soon - promise!