Monday, June 15

Back to Work

As most of you know, Caleb and I both work for my dad (aka Poppa). We feel so lucky to have him as Bryce's Poppa too but equally lucky to have him as our boss! He's been working his butt off this last week to try to do the job of 3 to 5 people (depending on the day) all by himself and he never lets on how exhausted he must be.

So, Caleb went back to work today - at least he is doing his best. And I'm now officially trying to work from the NICU - thank goodness for laptops and modern technology!

For a family where nurses get to do all the work for our newborn son we've become especially close over the last week and today is a hard day for us. We miss each others support like crazy but know that as the days go by and we conquer more hurdles it will get easier. We're going to take it day by day and we find comfort in knowing that our awesome boss will understand if we have to take an hour or a day off for one of those bad days that are inevitably on their way. But in the meantime, we're hanging in there and Bryce is doing so well!

He seems to be constantly surprising doctors just as he surprised us a week ago. The head of the NICU was doing rounds with his team this morning and he said that he never would have guessed in those first two days that Bryce would be doing so well today. He's still maintaining his blood pressure all by himself, despite the fact that they are constantly taking blood for this test or that. He's also being weaned from his oxygen still - even though he had a hard day of new lines (i.e. lots of pokes and prods) yesterday. His pulse continues to hold steady - even when they rotate him from side to side every few hours in what they like to call his "log roll."

I've been pumping away and I too have surprised some people with just how much milk I'm producing, the lactation consultant said this morning that she's real proud of me. I'd been afraid to ask but the doctor mentioned this morning "trophic" feeding as early as 72 hours after his PDA surgery. Trophic feeding means it has no real nutritional value, rather it's simply to test his gut's ability to process a miniscule amount of food passing through. They'll closely monitor (as they do all things) how much goes in and how much comes out, as well as how well he generally seems to tolerate it. Of course, this will also be his first immunization as he'll get my antibodies. Lastly, the colostrum (first very sticky, thick milk I produced) will work to coat his intestines and close up any small gaps in his stomach that occur naturally in newborns. This will help keep any bugs from getting into his tummy and aid the general function of his bowels. Needless to say, I'm very excited about this possibility coming up in the next day or two!

Also in the next few days we are hoping to see his eyes open up and peak at us! Every day we check them with the nurses to see if they have come unfused and every single day I see small little signs that he's getting there. His eyelids are more defined and even though they haven't opened they've got little creases where they will fold once they do. His blonde eyelashes are longer every day and we simply can't wait to see them bat away at us!

We'll keep you all updated as events unfold but thank you a million times over for all of your support. Your kind comments often make us cry but they are tears of love! We love you all and thank you from the bottom of our hearts for supporting us in this long journey!


  1. He is awesome isn't he? Doug that is. Bryce is a given...Thank you so much for these blog postings - it really helps. It sounds like another in a string of good days for Bryce, wonderful! Smiles from me to Little Dude.

  2. It sounds like you are doing really well! Way to go with pumping. When the boys were in the NICU that felt like the ONE thing I could do for them. Hopefully he will surprise everyone will how well he does with his feeds. Thank you so much for keeping us updated...I look forward to more great news about your amazing little fighter!

  3. Dear Moomie,

    I can't wait until I get to eat!!!! I am hungry for a real meal!!!! I feel like I got some good rest this weekend. Of course I had alittle help. Did you and daddy get some extra rest? Tell daddy to not worry or feel guilty that he went back to work. I know that was a hard thing for him to do. But I am in such good hands here. My nurses and doctors are the best. Would you please give them all big hugs for me? Thank you. Your the best!!! I love you both.

    Little Big Fighter,


  4. It SO great to hear that he is doing so well and yeah for already producing so much, that will help a ton I'm sure!! :)

  5. Hey Little Buddy,I am over joyed to read this latest up date.I know your parents and your grandma Norma are really pleased with your progress.I have a little great grandson.Like you he was born early.I guess you guys get impatient.huh? He was a heavy weight compared to you.He has grown and is doing good now.He's three.He is a slow learner but,he his getting to where he should be.I'll say this he gives the best hugs and sugars to his granny.I know your grandma is having a hard time trying to keep from hugging you.I know Norma is going to be a 'Hugging" type of grandma.Bryce,I hope you are resting and growing stronger each day.So you can give those sweet hugs and sugars to your mommy,daddy and grandma Norma.I will keep you in my prayers.You are always in my heart,little man.God will keep you safe.
    Loving you
    Granny Spriggs

  6. hi fom Teresa
    my mom's church includes him in the rosary every morning i still saying all the healing prayers i can me
    i do not go to work until 2 somedays so if i can chip in at work let me know
    traci's mom

  7. Your dad is the man!!!

    Bryce is a little toughy! I love it! Remind me to tell you about Corby when he was born. He was little and unhealthy. Now he's huge and a pain the the butt! Lol. Can't wait until our boys a can be boys together. Hmm...scary thought. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help you guys out with work. You know all I have is time right now.



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