Monday, October 22


We're settling into being a family of four quite nicely these days. It's challenging, no doubt, but as Gage gets bigger and continues to interact more and more with us, it gets more worth any challenges.

One of the things I'm most excited about is for Bryce to have someone to play with. Speaking as an only child, I know how easy it is to get too comfortable being alone or in the company of adults.

I am hopeful that having a brother will afford Bryce not just a playmate and confidant, but also a lifelong friend and role model.

On good days, I allow myself to dream of them being buds, sticking up for each other in school and maybe even raising their children near each other like the big family I always dreamed of for myself. But even if Bryce doesn't some day have a family of his own, I hope I'm able to raise Gage to be the kind of boy, brother and eventually man, that is always there for his brother.

I like to think this is the start of all of those hopes and dreams...their first playful interaction.