Sunday, June 14

Good Day, Good News

Well Bryce seems to be recovering from surgery better than expected. All of the doctors and his wonderful heart surgeon, Dr. Fox, warned us that he would need more medication, more oxygen and likely higher ventilator settings for the first couple of days. Only then should we hope for improvements to begin.

Just as with all things Bryce - he has surprised everyone.

He was pretty sleepy all day after surgery yesterday but it calmed me to see him take a break from squirming and pulling lines out of his mouth to just rest.

They have completely taken him off of all of his blood pressure medicine (Dopamine and Dobutamine) and he is sustaining his own blood pressure beautifully. His pulse has been steady right in the good zone all day yesterday and today. Not to mention, they are continuing to slowly ween his ventilator and oxygen settings even still! He is tolerating his lipids (fats) really well too according to his Triglycerides so they have been able to continue with those which he very much needs. They started him on a new antibiotic yesterday that seems to have improved his white blood count - even though none of the cultures have come back positive they are always trying to stay ahead of the ball here. In the same vein, they started an antifungal today because those take awhile to grow and show results; since his skin is so sensitive right now it's a better safe than sorry scenario.

Finally, he has two lines in his belly button/umbilical cord site that are only good for 7-10 days so today they thought he was doing well enough to try to replace one of them. They chose to start with the arterial line and although we had to step out (or otherwise risk me, Caleb or Grandma Sharon tackling them in the midst of this tough procedure) his NNP (neonatal nurse practioner/angel) said he handled it very well. They decided to wait until tomorrow to replace the second line with a PIC (PCLV) line, which will be a fairly permanent line done in his room but in a sterile procedure, i.e. caps, gowns and sterile cloths abound.

Sorry if this post is a little scatter brained but Traci (aka SAM) reminded me that there were likely a ton of people waiting patiently for an update. Thank you all for your prayers and well wishes during his surgery yesterday as well as everyday ~ we couldn't do this without YOU!

Much love and appreciation!


  1. so happy to hear this. I have become glued to this laptop. I wish I could be there and see him with my own two eyes, and hug you guys both. You are both soldiers and Bryce's own angel. Love to you all!!!

  2. Came here from SAM. Thinking you and Bryce and your entire family. Many thoughts and wishes!

  3. I'm so happy to read the positive post of Bryce's progress. I think about him 24/7. He's a VERY strong little boy. Quite the fighter. I think he gets that from the both of you. I can't wait to see the day you guys get to take him home and have him all to yourselves. Well, maybe not all to yourselves, you have to share him a little with all of us.

    All my love,


  4. What wonderful news! Traci was right... I have been anxiously waiting to hear how baby Bryce is doing. Thanks for the update. We are always thinking of you.
    Mary and Jeff

  5. I am so happy for all of you'll to hear this great news!!! This is wonderful and really proves what a strong little guy Bryce is. Tell the Dell team to keep up the great work!!! Thank you'll so much for keeping everyone updated. Will continue the positive thoughts and prayers.

  6. I was so happy to read this latest up date it brought tears to my eyes.I hope for tomorrow to be even better.I come to see if there are up dates every few minutes it seem.I know this little man will continue doing good.You can never doubt God's goodness.God Bless and Good night little angel.Rest easy mom and dad.God is watching over your son.

  7. So good to hear that!! Y'all will continue to be in my thoughts & prayers!!


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