Wednesday, October 20


We had ACE medical equipment supply out a couple of weeks ago and they measured Bryce for his sit to stand stander. They also came out the week before last and brought him a loaner stander which he very much enjoys. Here he is on his first outside adventure while standing.

The therapist and medical equipment specialist said that it is especially good for him to go outside in the stander where there are bumps to provide vibration to his joints while he is bearing weight on them.

It just so happened that the stander was delivered on a Friday afternoon so Bryce was lucky enough to have his Abuelita, Daddy and pretty much the entire neighborhood out cheering him on as Abuelita wheeled him back and forth from stop sign to stop sign.

We've been trying to get him outside for walks in the stander as often as possible but it's really a two person job. The stander has four casting wheels on it and long metal bars that stick out in the back which makes it difficult to navigate, especially over those joints in the sidewalk that are so helpful.

When we can't venture outside Bryce enjoys reading his daddy's Car & Driver magazine before Daddy steals it away because it ends up slobbery and torn.

Okay, so he can't really read ... yet. But he loves to slobber on pretty much anything and next to that throwing things on the floor also provides lots of entertainment. As you can see happened to his lady bug book in the picture above.

All things eventually just get swept off to the left, but we are seeing marked improvement in his use of his right hand. Above you can also see that it tends to stay fisted closed, but it's no longer always with white knuckles and very often he opens it to attempt a grab at things that are closer to his right side. It's progress we're happy to take!

Bryce is really enjoying his new perspective on the world and Mommy is grateful for the good naps he takes after an hour of standing ;-)