Saturday, March 17

20 weeks, 5 days

It's odd how, as I close in on 21 weeks in the next couple of days, my foremost thought is that now there is hope.  Soon this baby could have a real chance at survival. The odds would be against it and the situation unmistakably awful, but it would have a chance.

Maybe it's because every day seems to bring with it a new sign of premature labor. It's probably just because I'm so acutely aware of the signs now but it makes me so glad for a weekly OB visit to look forward to. Even when they have put such a strain on our already packed schedule.

It seems as if a week is only as long as I can stay sane without a doctor assuring me that everything is okay.

So until Wednesday's weekly visit I think I'll just continue to force myself to take it easy and focus on planning a nursery. That way by the time this baby makes its appearance, in another few months, it will have a place to come right home to.


Thursday, March 15

It's officially a boy! And other interesting news...

I've been so busy with the normal therapy and work stuff plus it seems like Bryce's specialist appointments always all come at once, add to that one or two visits a week for myself and I feel like I'm going to meet myself coming these days.

And the longer I go without updating the blog, the more there is to tell and the further behind I feel.

Sorry guys! Where to start? Hmmm, well I did have my big anatomy ultrasound in Temple yesterday and we are most definitely having another boy! I'm excited that we don't have to buy all new stuff but wondering what living in a house full of boys for the next 18 or so years will look like. No matter, I love my boys and that's all that counts anyway.

I also got a new due date as they've been pretty much guessing how far along I am so far.  Turns out I'm 20 weeks and 3 days today which pushes my due date to 7/31, instead of our 11 year wedding anniversary, 8/4, which is the date I was originally given.   It's kind of nice to get to skip forward a week though I'm not sure I was mentally prepared for being less than a month from where I was when Bryce was born.  Still working on that.

The pictures they sent me home with aren't much to look at and hardly worth posting. So instead, I'll post this video.

Just to set it up, though, I have to say that there are probably literally only a handful of people that have ever had the joy of witnessing Bryce laugh.

He doesn't talk or make much sound at all so that's part of it. A lot of time someone might not even notice that he's laughing when they're looking right at him. Laughing is mine and Caleb's favorite past time and the very way in which we connect and deal with a great deal of emotions from the trauma of giving CPR to our 24 week preemie to the joy of watching Bryce "beat up" his daddy. So consider yourself a special few - you're about to witness a rare and amazing sight.

I hope you can over look the shaking camera - it's just that I cannot resist laughing at these two goof balls!

I hope everyone is having an awesome week and I'll be back soon to update you on all of those doctor appointments of Bryce's as well as mine own.  Thanks for checking in with us!