Help Bryce Walk was a fundraiser I started in the spring of 2013 to help get Bryce to the Conductive Learning Center's summer camp for children with Cerebral Palsy and other neurological disorders.  We were absolutely stunned by people's generosity and fortunate to raise the money for Bryce to attend.  It was there that Bryce took his first independent steps and I realized how much untapped potential he had. (Read more here.)

Summer 2013 CLC Early Childhood Class (I blurred the other children's faces because not everyone puts their whole life on the web but I think you can still see all those sweet, sweet smiles!)

Fast forward a year and we're back in fundraising mode.  Bryce is still taking between 2 and 4 independent steps and has vastly improved his proficiency walking with his pediatric posterior walker.  But we know in our heart of hearts that he can and will truly walk independently one day.  And that's why we continue to call our fundraising efforts "Help Bryce Walk."

This year's fundraising has begun with a fun little idea I had for children's valentines.  I thought my valentines were cute and other mamas might appreciate the ease of having me do all the work for them.  Boy was I tickled pink when the orders started pouring in.  We're currently poised to raise over $400 with the valentines fundraiser and I couldn't be happier!

And this little idea got me thinkin' (uh oh!).  Maybe there are more things I can design, create and handcraft that other mamas would also love.  Maybe, just maybe, I could use my spare time (yea, yea there isn't much but you carve out time for the things you love, don't you?), my desire to create and my passion for helping and connecting with other mamas to raise enough money every year for Bryce to attend camp.

Truly nothing would make my heart happier.

And so it is with trepidation, anticipation, joy and gratitude that I unveil my plan and announce the upcoming launch of Mommy's Little Misters.

I'd be honored if you'd follow along on this journey with me.  Take a moment to like the new facebook page Help Bryce Walk to make sure you don't miss a "step" along the way.

With a grateful heart,

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