Saturday, September 12

Bryce's endless IV sticks have me in a dour mood today - it's so hard to try to understand why such a sweet & innocent little soul should have to endure so much

Friday, September 11

On the Mend

Our sweet baby Bryce seems to be turning a corner. He came down with pneumonia early this week and has been fighting hard, as always, to surprise everyone, again - as always, and pull through.

Unfortunately, it's been a long week of blood cultures, new IV's, complete blood gas tests....sticks, prods and pokes. He's an amazing little guy though and is taking it all in stride.

Currently he has me metaphorically tied to his bedside; if I try to leave even for a moment he makes big trouble for such a little boy. He's amazingly strong and I know I'm a little biased (okay, maybe a lot) but lying on his belly with his head turned to one side he can arch his back and pick up his head, turn it and all of his tubes the complete other direction.

This would be impressive except that everyone freaks out that he's going to self extubate. We've had long conversations about him leaving that tube in until he's ready but despite my best effort I don't think he cares one bit about my advice. What's a mother to do?

He's getting so big that this morning when I walked in and saw him naked except for a diaper I almost asked his nurse whose baby this was and where mine is. Fast approaching 6 pounds and still weeks before his due date I can't help but wonder how big he would have been if only he'd stayed put.

I suppose his early and adventurous entrance into this world and our lives is only a sign of things to come though. I can't wait for the havoc he will wreak as he continues to grow bigger and feistier over the years. And I can't help but wonder if he and his throw caution to the wind attitude aren't exactly what I needed in my life. I know without a doubt that, regardless, he is exactly what I needed in my life.

Wednesday, September 9

Bryce having a rough day, xray today was worse and C02 very high this am but coming down, new antibiotic started and new blood, urine & ET tube cultures taken

Monday, September 7


Bryce in pants!

Our Cutie Pie!

Big Boy "All Star"

Hangin' on to Mommy!

Bryce and Mommy!

Bryce sleeping yesterday morning...yes he got his hands tucked under his chin all by himself. And you can see his shunt on the side of his head where it will stick out until he gets some more fat and hair to camouflage it.

Wide awake after his bath last night and in fresh jammies - the feet say, "On the Go."

Horton is finally complete, my hands hurt but it's well worth it!