Wednesday, March 31

Long Overdue Post

So much has happened since I last posted I'm not sure where to start or what to include.

Bryce got sick - he got a cough that turned into pneumonia and had to have three medications daily including an inhaled steroid as often as every 2 1/2 hours. But it worked and after a few days he began smiling again. And we didn't have to go back to the hospital this time!

The pulmonologist discontinued Bryce's oxygen (as long as he's healthy) so we no longer have to fight that battle nightly. What a blessing.

I've been feeling pretty crummy too. I'm still not sure if it's severe allergies or Bryce giving me whatever he had since he always finds a way to cough directly into my face. The headache is sharp pains in my temples with a constant tension but the sore throat was the worst and is now thankfully gone. I hope the headache is also on its way out.

The last thing I don't want to talk about but feel a need to is this. We were out as a family on Sunday morning when we ran into the grandmother of one of Bryce's fellow NICU babies. We were shocked and saddened to learn that baby Grayson is no longer with us.

While Grayson's problems were very different from Bryce's we connected with his parents over our sons' trials. I can't get them or Grayson out of my mind. The last time I saw Grayson in person he had returned to the NICU while Bryce was still there for a broncoscopy on the same day that Bryce had his. I stood by his bedside with his parents while he slept of the meds and I completely understood what they were feeling.

Now I have no idea but my heart aches for them.

We are so grateful to have Bryce. We know first hand and all too well how fragile life is. He is such a miracle. Here he is today, smiling as always for his daddy.