Thursday, June 18

Cautious Optimism

Just finished up rounds and all in all we're cautiously optimistic. Of course, tomorrow is the weekly brain scan and by far our biggest fear right now. But we have resolved ourselves to worry about tomorrow tomorrow and focus our energy on today. Easier said than done for a new mom.

Bryce is still on his conventional ventilator and his last gas shows they'll start weaning him again. He's been steady all night and this morning at about 40% oxygen with a saturation of about 90. This is good, especially since his last blood gas showed great numbers, including a CO2 level of only 47! He was having some serious trouble with the CO2 yesterday, in the low 70's and Cathleen, baby Bryce's favorite NNP, said she would have to switch him back to the oscillating ventilator if he didn't get it into the 50's or at least very low 60's. Well, by last night he had it down to 64 and then he pretty much just bypassed the 50's. He already likes to show off for the ladies.

We started the trophic feeds the day before yesterday and although at first it seemed he was absorbing them yesterday was a different story. They suctioned much of it out of his tummy yesterday and are concerned he's just not quite ready for food. An xray this morning showed nothing alarming in his bowels but some areas of concern. The doctor is fairly positive that he just needs a little more time and so they decided to hold food for today but try trophic feeds again tomorrow. Good news considering today's doctor is the least half glass full of them all. Of course we respect and understand a doctor's need to err on the side of caution.

Additionally, there is some concern about the amount of sodium in baby Bryce's body. It's not clear if he's getting too much water and so the sodium levels are diluted or if his renal function is poor enough that he's dumping the sodium in his urine. Cathleen ordered a sodium test of his urine but since there is so little they aren't quite sure how long it will be before they have enough urine to test for this. In the meanwhile, they decided to up his sodium as the general concensus is that he's just so little and still developing the process for storing sodium.

It's ironic because Caleb and I just caught a few minutes of t.v. the other night and there was a tid bit about how important sodium is to your body. If you're not up to speed on this you might to a little google search as it's quite interesting. Maybe I can convince Caleb to do a quick post on it since it falls more into his forte then my own.

Otherwise, we are doing well. The doctor reiterated that in the first 48 hours Bryce was here he never expected that we would be doing so well at this point. He's, again, cautious to emphasize that Bryce is not doing exceptionally well but not poorly either - he's about average for his size and gestational age. We'll take that! No questions asked we're the two most ecstatic parents of an average child you will EVER meet!

...Wow, it's still odd to think of us as parents...

All in all, we're pretty content with the way things are going for our little miracle. I can't get my mind far from what the brain scan will show tomorrow but I am constantly reminding myself to let tomorrow be. As a natural born worry wart this goes against all of my instincts but I also know it's very likely my only chance at sanity.

I have some really, really, really exciting new to report also - but it's from yesterday and not near as important as Bryce's health so I'll post it separately sometime today. Thanks to all of our supporters, commenters and prayer warriors ~ you are the air that we breathe.


  1. Mommy,

    You are so sweet!! I love you. I know that this is stressful on you and daddy but it will be ok. I am a fighter. We just need to take one minute, one day at a time. Thank you for loving me so much.



  2. Mrs. Mega-OpinionThu Jun 18, 11:43:00 AM

    Gald to hear! Don't keep us in suspense!

  3. Mrs. Mega-OpinionThu Jun 18, 11:43:00 AM

    ooops... glad!

  4. To All My Family and Friends,

    Thank you for all your prayers. Would you please say an extra one for my mommy right now. Her needs it bad. Thank you


    Baby Bryce

  5. Cautious Optimism is good...with OPTIMISM being the key! Our prayers and thoughts are always with you all and the doctors. We'll see you somtime this weekend.
    Louis, Grace, Erica and the boys.

  6. That's great news about Bryce's CO2 levels. It sounds like he is determined to get this breathing thing down! I also think it is quite amazing that you saw that bit on sodium levels. You were already slighty prepared for this before you knew you'd have to be. Coincidence? I don't think so! Hang in there Momma. You're doing a great job!
    Love you,

  7. We have been thinking about you guys and praying for you all! Megan came over yesterday and gave us the blog info. Now I can keep up with you guys and what is going on with Bryce. You guys are amazing! Please let us know if you need anything done here at home or if you need us to bring anything from home. Hopefully I will be able to come see you all next week when the kids are in daycare. Mia and Garren want to know all about baby Bryce!

    Love you all and will see you soon!
    Renli, Sergio, Mia and Garren

  8. Hey Trina!! I know things will be GRATE I feel it in my HEART!! <3 I love you all so so so so much you know this!!!! I got Bryce a teddy bear : ) and some pretty snazzy out fits I must say,yay Bryce I love ya lil man & cannot wait for the day you & I are laying out at the beach!! You are an AMAZING baby!!!!!
    Love you big cousin,
    just an fyi our FAMILY IS SOOOO LOUND lol enjoy the peace!!!!

  9. With each post I breathe easier and easier. Knowing what great hands Bryce is in, and all the wonderful support you have. I only wish I could be there with you!!

  10. Bryce,
    We (the very loud family of Drea) are praying for you and your mom and dad. We hope to see you soon. Love, Aunt Gene, Your big brother cousin Timothy and Uncle Lolo

  11. Erin Reed SimmonsThu Jun 18, 09:43:00 PM

    Trina and Caleb-
    We are praying for strength for you two as well as for Baby Bryce.


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