Monday, June 29

Surgery Tomorrow

We are officially scheduled for Bryce to have his resevoir surgery for his hydrocephalus tomorrow. We are happy they think he's healthy enough for surgery but terrified by the thought of it. Hopefully it will make him more comfortable though as he was quite unhappy yesterday.

After trying to boost his pain medication and soothe him with a dark, quiet environment the nurses decided to let me hold him again as a last resort. It took him a moment but eventually I was able to calm him and he got almost two hours of rest on my chest.

Unfortunately, soon after putting him back in his isolette he grew unhappy again. I tried to explain to him that although I'd like nothing more than to hold him all day, everyday that is simply not a realistic plan. I tried to reason out a schedule with him where I'd hold him every day that they let me for as long as they'd let me if he would just try to get some rest when I wasn't holding him.

Since he wouldn't have any of my reasoning we eventually had to give him some medication to mildly sedate him. The medication is an anti-seizure medication, Phenobarbital, and it was the only other thing that could calm him. We strongly suspect that having the CSF tap yesterday was a big fluid change for his body and may have been what set him off. It's so hard to tell with these tiny little babies.

The neonatologist on for today said I could hold him again today!! Sounds good to me!


  1. It has to be so hard knowing your baby is not happy and you can't just go pick him up. Knowing that all he wants is to be held by his mommy. That brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it. I'm grateful that you have been able to hold him. I'm sure it soothes your soul.

    I know surgery makes you nervous, but it will help him so much. I will keep praying for you guys.

    Can't wait for you to hold him again today! I love you!



  2. How wonderful that you were able to hold and comfort him again.

    Praying for wisdom and guidance for the docs, comfort and healing for Bryce and peace for Mommy and Daddy.


  3. I'm certain that all the cuddling helped him to know how much love there is - and that Mom & Dad know surgery is important so he can go home sooner. You are doing an amazing job of keeping your spirits up - and your son is less stressed as a result. Keep it up!

    ~ Anonymous but Adoring.

  4. Bryce,

    It was so wonderful to see the pictures of you in your mom's arms.. We love you!We especially love the picture of you Bryce with both your mom and dad. I am so happy that you are able to sleep in your mom's arms. I know it is comforting for you. I know your mom loves it, too. Stay strong, little one. Your two big cousins, your aunt and uncle all want to watch you get bigger and stronger. We will all say special prayers for you today. We hope the surgery makes you feel better.

    Aunt Gene, Uncle Lolo, Andrea and Timothy

  5. I think it's wonderful that you are getting more skin to skin time with Bryce! It sounds like he has a comfort zone and it's in your arms. I will be praying for his surgery tomorrow. Both for him and for you and Caleb.

  6. I'll be praying for a great results with surgery tomorrow. Glad you were able to calm him down with loving cuddles.


  7. How wonderful that you got some more skin to skin time with little Bryce. I'm so happy for you guys. I'm sending prayers your way for a successful surgery.

    Always on my mind!


  8. I will be thinking about you all all day tomorrow!! All my love xoxo

  9. Trina, Caleb, Bryce

    I just want to send some extra prayers your way for surgery tomorrow. I know Bryce you will be fighting hard just like you have been. You keep up the fight...Trina & Caleb hold on to the faith.

    Love & Prayer


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