Tuesday, June 30

Surgery Update

Bryce is snuggled back into his isolette in his home in the NICU - thank you, thank you, thank you for all of your prayers!

He's going to be pretty out of it for a little while, though it's hard to tell because, like his canine sister Sugar, he sometimes sleeps with his eyes a little open. We're once again glad to see him resting peacefully. His numbers all look good even though his new little bo-bo on his head makes my heart break. I'm just grateful to have him back in my sight where I can watch over him as I feel innately inclined to do.

By far the hardest part of the surgery today was watching him be wheeled away from me with his little eyes wide open. I know he must have been so scared by everything that was going on and I just want to protect him from that in any way that I possibly can.

Dr. George decided to do a subcutaneous shunt instead of a resevoir today. This will displace the CSF into the back of his head for his body to reabsorb it. We are happy with this because it means they won't have to keep sticking a needle in his head every other day. He usually spends the better part of a day restless and agitated when they drain the fluid - think severe dehydration or really, really bad hangover. This shunt should last a couple of weeks before it will need to be replaced with another because, like his ventricles, it will get clogged with dried up blood, clots, etc. and stop properly draining.

At some point in the future, odds are very great that Bryce will get a subgaleal shunt. This permanent shunt will displace the excess fluid to his stomach for reabsorbtion and will have extra tubing for him to be able to grow with.

Bryce needs to be about 2 kilograms (give or take some depending on how much of that is his head weight and how much is his body weight) for this procedure. It will be something that he will need to have checked about once a year for the rest of his life but should not hamper his ability to go about playing and growing like all of the other little boys.

We continue to be amazed by all of the wonderful people, both known to us and unknown, who reach out to us daily. And also by our family who put aside their many chores and worries to sit beside us day after day, to bring us food and laughs and silent comforts. We could not ever fully express our gratitude to each of you - your kind comments and gentle words remind us of the big picture here, when it is so easy to get bogged down in the details. Thank you with all of my heart. Thank you for me, thank you for Caleb, but most especially thank you for Bryce.


  1. Katrina,

    I'm so happy to hear things went well and his numbers look good. Bryce is so blessed to have a great staff looking over him, but mostly to have you and Caleb as parents. You guys have been so brave throughout everything. I'm so proud of all of you. Especially your little angel Bryce. I love being able to see and hear of his progress. I loved watching him punch and kick while I was there. He's adorable! I love all you so much!


  2. We are glad that things went well this morning. Thank God for hearing all our prayers and for small, foward steps.
    Grace and I plan to see you all this weekend.

    Louis, Grace, Erica and the boys

  3. Trina,

    I have thought of Bryce all day and have sent extra prayers your way. We love you all and continue to be amazed at Bryce and you and Caleb.

    Aunt Gene

  4. Glad everything went well!


  5. Great news on the surgery!! I hope he continues to rest well.

  6. I'm so glad he tolerated the surgery well. He is such a strong little guy. We will keep you and your family in our prayers!

  7. Mommy and Daddy,

    Once again I have to say I was scarred. But I told myself okay Bryce you got to be a big boy now and stay strong for mommy & daddy. Thats just what I did. Thank you for all your love and support. Thank you friends and family for being there for mommy and daddy and me.



  8. I'm so glad that his surgery went well and he is resting comfortably. You continue to be in my thoughts and prayers


  9. See, I told you I had a good feeling about this little guy! He seems like he is doing really well and as always I am elated to hear that. I know how scary it is to have to sign all those papers and documents to allow all these little surguries is VERY scary!!! It sounds like you are in good spirits which I feel is important. Everytime I hear good news I feel like I'm the one getting the good news!! The other day when Andrea said he opened his eyes I wanted to cry!!! I guess cause I remember how happy I was when Avery opened his, one at a time though. So precious and I will never forget. Good luck and keep us posted!!

    Imani A.

  10. Hi Trina!!
    I love ya sooooo much, I wish I could be there for ya!! Bryce is such an awesome baby, I tell EVERYONE about him haha you have no idea!
    So many people are praying.
    Reading this made me soooooo happy I was very worried, gave me one of those lumps in my throat but I prayed & prayed all night & day!!
    I love ya Bryce-Bryce!!
    Oh hey,
    I met a lady who had her baby 3 months early as well, her son is now FIVE YEARS OLD ( how aweomse!!) up hes itty bitty a full 30 LBS!!
    Well I love yall sooooooo much!!!
    Love ya my almost sister,


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