Wednesday, July 1

So so day following a hard surgery day - praying for a good day tomorrow!


  1. Dear Lord, I am so newly come,
    I do not even know my name.

    I do not even know yet, Lord,
    If I am glad I came.

    Grant me the time to grow in love,
    Rejoice that I am here.

    Bless those who make me warm and dry,
    Lord, keep my mother & father near.



  2. Prayers coming from Benton, Arkansas. I have been in your shoes and know that an up day is greatly appreciated. Hang in there, God has a plan!

  3. As always, your family fills my prayers each day. I hope that Bryce has a better day today. And for you, I hope that you do as well. Make sure you get a little fresh air each day. I know how hard that is! Our NICU kicked us out three times a day; shift changes and for rounds (we could talk to the docs after rounds). I hated every minute of it and waited so anxiously until I could get back in to be with my son; but it did provide me with a forced opportunity to get a bite to eat and walk around and get some fresh air. That helped more than I wanted to admit or realized I think.


  4. Trina,

    Each day we think of all of you, but especially Bryce. You have always been a major part of our world and now Bryce is too. We are always praying for you and are with you always. Timothy asks and thinks about Bryce each day. We hope today is a much better day. Tell Bryce we love him.


    Aunt Gene, Uncle Lolo, Andrea and Timothy

  5. Trina,
    I don't comment often, but rest-assured that your blog is one of the first things I do every morning and the last thing I do before bed. My two grandchildren and my 87 year old mother wait for a daily update also.
    Your family and of course sweet little Bryce are in all of our prayers each and every day.
    I'm positive Bryce will have a much better day today. Everyone has a rough day or two after surgery, but Little Bryce seems to have more resilience than the average adult. He'll bounce right back, you'll see.

    All of our love,
    Jackie, Dennis, Noah & Jacob Pulley
    Oh, yeah and Grandma Marie

  6. Each day Bryce will get stronger. I know he looks forward to being next to you again. He's a fighter. I'll be praying for the return of his strength and peace in your heart.
    Love you,


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