Wednesday, September 1

Post Surgery...eyes

I wouldn't even consider showing you Bryce's boy business and let's just say you're better off not seeing it anyway as it's pretty awful! But here are some pictures of his after surgery eyes:

You can see the red in the middle corners of his eyes but today being day three I'm surprised by how much better they already look. The first day we came home and he was in a lot of pain he was crying tears of blood while looking up at me pleadingly with these huge, blue bloodshot eyes - let's just say it broke my heart.

We're so used to seeing Bryce's eyes misaligned that we were shocked by how odd we found his correctly aligned eyes. It was an immediate change that we're still getting used to.

He's still not quite himself but I promise he's not as sad as he looks in these pictures. I took these this morning as we were going out for a walk and much as I try to make him like the outdoors he is simply not a fan.


  1. BIG difference!! Kisses!


  2. He is such a handsome boy. I am glad he is getting better. Tell him we love him.


  3. Not one, but two of my sisters had the same surgery, and both of them cried those same tears. So sad! But it's a pretty great surgery!


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