Sunday, June 28

A Perfect Day

Yesterday I was able to hold Bryce, skin to skin - aka Kangaroo care, for a full two and a half hours! It was the best time of my life and I'd have held him forever if they'd have let me.

Of course, it was quite an ordeal as he was still on his oscillating ventilator but Kathleen, his NNP yesterday, two of the RTs and Marissa, his nurse, worked diligently for at least half an hour to prep him for the move.

Caleb got some video and took a ton of pictures! Only he's so tiny against me and so bundled up to keep him warm that you can barely tell I'm holding him.

I was so proud of what a good boy Bryce was the whole time I held him! He mostly just slept, instead of wiggling constantly as he is known for, and seemed so peaceful. All of his stats were great the whole time and his temperature never really dipped so he probably could have stayed in my arms even a little longer.

It was the best feeling ever to have him against me, so calm and peaceful. I even thought to myself that I was so lucky because instead of him still being in my belly, where I couldn't see him or touch him, I was holding him in my arms.

After we got Bryce settled back in, which was quite an ordeal as he was not a happy camper about being put back in his isolette, we let Poppa babysit and I went home for the first time since Bryce came into our world.

It was a long trip and hard for me but I'm so glad I had the opportunity. It was good to see the dogs and Lexie and especially Megan, Brooke and Brett! I love those kids and their hugs help heal my heart.

It was also difficult to see that even though our lives have been turned completely upside down, the rest of the world continues to spin just as it always had. Our grass still needs water, the dogs still shed like crazy and Brett has grown a full head taller.

I mentioned to Caleb a week or two ago that I can't help but wish I had one of those magic remote control's like Adam Sandler had in Click . I'd pause the rest of the world and fast forward to us taking Bryce home, then unpause the rest of the world to sit back and enjoy a normal life. But as Caleb reminded me - you can't alter fate without consequences, remember what happened to Adam Sandler's character before he woke up from the dream?


  1. How wonderful that you got to snuggle your precious boy!!

  2. Reading this blog brings back so many memories, it makes me cry. I am so glad you got to do skin to skin, it was my favorite activity in the NICU. The photos are fantastic, you look so happy!

  3. What a blessing! Great pictures of a wonderful "first" for you guys.
    Love you,
    The Montoya Fam

  4. I am so glad you've finally gotten a chance to hold your little guy!! What a wonderful first with many more wonderful firsts still to come! Praying for you guys!

    Bristelle and Joel

  5. You both look so happy and peaceful. There is nothing like a mother/child bond and love for one another. You both really needed that and I'm so excited you finally got to experience it. I'm sure you've been longing for that beautiful moment.

    Love you,


  6. Katrina and Caleb,
    I am so happy for you I could cry. Ok I am, but that was probably a given. The 3 of you have come so far these past 3 weeks. I had someone ask me this morning how you were doing. I love it when they do, because despite all the trials I always get to tell them about something amazing that has just happened. It's times like these that give us courage and strength to push through to the next Perfect Day.
    Love you,
    Mary and Jeff

  7. Karina, Caleb, Bryce,

    What a gorgous family photo. Those pictures say more than a million words. We love you.

    Shawna & Rickey

  8. I'm so glad that you got to hold your precious little Bryce. Congratulations on a great experience!


  9. That picture of your sweet little family brought tears to my eyes and a prayer of thanksgiving to my heart.I know that the feel and smell of his mommy holding him will be like a magic formula.He will start to gain weight and his little eyes will try to open wider so he can see mommy and daddy.I know that your touch along with all the prayers being offered up will make this little boy grow.
    prayers and hugs.
    Granny Spriggs

  10. These are the most precious photos! I'm so glad you got to hold him, and for such a long time. I remember the first time they let me hold my son in the NICU. I bet he just loved every moment of snuggling with his mommy!!


  11. What a beautiful first family photo! This just makes me cry. He is such a little trooper. It's breath taking to see him get stronger and bigger everyday.

  12. I finally got to see my friend whom I miss dearly yesterday. Had it just been the 2 of us I would have embraced her for as long as I could... can't get all mushy with the spouse and little ones around since they don't understand. The few minutes I got to spend with her were so nice.. I wish I could take all her hurt and sadness away and make everything better and it hurts me to know that there is really nothing I can do other than lend an ear, hand, heart, or hug. So, yes my world keeps on going and my kids keep growing but there is not an hour that goes by in my day that I don't think about my friend or baby Bryce. I know in my heart that there are many angels with him and time will heal. I look forward to seeing them again.

  13. You will remember that moment for the rest of your lives. The world around you stops while you watch and feel him breathe against your chest. I know I remember it like it was yesterday with Blake. It is so very hard to get every tube and lead taped down and him in just the right spot so that the O2 tube does not move or his feeding tube does not get pulled. By the time you leave there you will have memorized every beep that each machine makes and know when to jump and when to watch others that are visiting jump while you say...ahhh it's nothing. Please please fell free to contact me if you have any questions about what you guys are experiencing. It is deffinetly something that bonds mothers of preemies to other mothers of preemies. Believe it or not each time you kangaroo hold Bryce, he will get a little stronger. It does help more than you know...for both you and him.

  14. Those pictures are definitely priceless and leave me speechless with joy, and the fact that the millions of prayers out there for you and your family are continuing to be answered everyday. Love and prayers continued,

  15. To all of mommy & daddys friends,

    Thank you for all the ever so kind words and prayers that you are putting out here. You don't know how much mommy & daddy appreciate it. Sometimes mommy crys sometimes she smiles. What ever she does you have touched her heart and soul (daddy's too!!!!!). Please keep doing what your doing for it gives them an extra dose of strenght and encouragement and every bit helps in such a difficult time. Once again, thank you so very much.

    The Little Fighter,


  16. That is the sweetest picture ever. What a loving family. And a mothers touch truly does soothe the soul. I love the one on you and Bryce it brought a tear to my eye because it is so sweet.


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