Friday, June 26

And just like that...'s done!

Danae, my dear friend and Dell angel, went to get us some lunch from Chipotle and when she got back we just went out to the waiting room to eat. I told Jennifer, our nurse today, that I'd be right out there as we knew neuro was coming soon.

Fifteen minutes later Danae and I had just finished eating when the doctor and his nurse practicioner came in to the waiting room. I thought they were there to tell me that they'd be getting started but the Dr was there to inform me that they were all done!

He said they drained 9 cc of CSF from Bryce and that he took it very well. They are going to continue to watch him in the hopes that he will gain enough health to do a resevoir sometime in the next week - so as to avoid having to do the tap too many times.

I came immediately in to see Bryce and his monitor showed he was handling it all in stride. As a matter of fact, he was more upset by having his diaper changed than by the procedure. But then again what kid likes to have their diaper changed, right?

I'm so proud of him and he is continuing to do wonderfully today. Keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we continue to feed him and wean his ventilator settings. Best case scenario would be that we are able to get him successfully transitioned to the conventional ventilator while he is still on some of the steroids and he tolerates his feedings well enough to continue to increase them little by little each day! We can only hope and pray!


  1. That's great news that he's taking it well, prayers really work! Hope you get a wink from your little boy soon. Hugs to you all!


  2. That is great news. My thoughts and prayers remain with you everyday! Stay strong! You and Caleb are definitely ranking hero status in my book - you are the best! I know it's hard, but you are amazing, and of course Bryce is amazing!


  3. Glad to hear things went well!


  4. Good job,Bryce. You are continuing to amaze us. This is the best news! We will say a prayer of thanks for your improvement.

    We love you.

    Gene, Lolo, Andrea Timothy

  5. Did you say Chipotle?! Just kidding :)
    That is wonderful!!! I am so delighted to hear the good news. Once again, Bryce proves to be the most amazing little boy I know. Another prayer answered!

    Love you all,

  6. I am so glad the tap went well! What a relief! We had a little neighbor while Travie was in the NICU and he literally was tapped every other day, sometimes more often, but never did end up needing the shunt. I know they do things differently everywhere, but at least hopefully this will help Bryce out for a few more days! I know how nervewracking it is to sit in the waiting room during a procedure, but thank goodness it was so quick!! Glad to hear you are hanging in there! Lots of prayers and positive thoughts coming your way!

  7. Mommy & Daddy,

    Have I told you today I love you? I love you.
    I hope this message tops your day off. Hugs and tons of kisses.

    Your son,


    P.S Daddy, I hope I am as handsome as you are!!!! Nice seeing you.

  8. Mommy and Daddy,
    I just wanted you to know that your love is better than any medicine that could be prescribed. Thank you for being so strong for me and for being at the hospital all day, every day. It means so much to me that you listen to "rounds" every day and help choose the very best plan for me. Please know that I feel your love as surely as I since the prayers that you pray for me. I am so glad that I picked you for my mommy and daddy.
    (aka "the hulk")

  9. That is too funny that he was more upset about his diaper change. I'm glad he gets more upset about that rather than the poking. I'm so happy hear they are taking such good care of him!

    Love you all,


  10. So glad to hear that everything went well. Bryce is an amazing little guy! We have been following everything each day and know that we are thinking about you and praying for you guys. You are such a strong mommy and Bryce is so lucky to have such wonderful parents. We love you.

    Lauren and Jeremy


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