Sunday, June 21

Who Doesn't Love Dr. Seuss?!

We had such a nice dinner tonight. Poppa and Sharon took us out for a Father's Day dinner at Austin Land and Cattle. We all had a steak (and my how I missed a good bloody steak!) and enjoyed some time away from the hospital.

Thanks to Bryce's Abuelita for babysitting so we could get out without having to worry too much about what was going on. We know we are so lucky to have parents to watch over him when we need to get away from the hospital, to take us out when we are able to get away and to understand no matter what. Hopefully, in the years to come we can prove to have learned something from them.

Best of all, we (as in Bryce) received a gift for Bryce's room that simply couldn't be more fitting, a limited edition Dr. Seuss print, no. 941 of 2500, from Horton Hears a Who. Unfortunately, you can't make out the text at the bottom from our picture of it but it says, "They've proved they are persons, no matter how small!"

We are proudly displaying it in his room to remind all that enter what a precious little person we have to behold. As if they could forget.


  1. That is the best gift ever!! Where did you come across such an awesome idea?! I love it.


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