Friday, June 26

Playing the Waiting Game

Just wanted to update everyone - we are still waiting for neuro to come up for the CSF (cerebral spinal fluid) tap. We just heard that they said they'll be here within the hour. It should only take about 30 minutes to do the procedure but I'll have to wait in the waiting room while they do it. I'll do my best to post another update after all is said and done with that.

On a side note, we have a different neonatologist on today and he has decided to try to wean the ventilator settings a little more aggressively today while Bryce still has the steroids to lean on a bit. We are optimistic that he will tolerate that well as long as they keep his blood pressure up where he likes it.

He also had some "tummy time" last night - he looked so cute! And seemed to really enjoy it. Even opened his eyes for Abuelita AND Daddy! Caleb couldn't be more pleased. I was able to get a picture of him with his eyes open and I promise to post it very soon.

Thanks for checking in with us!

Katrina & baby Bryce!


  1. Trinaand Bryce,

    We will be waiting for more news about the procedure. We are praying for Bryce. I am so glad to hear he opened his eyes. I bet Caleb was excited. Good job Bryce. We hope to see those handsome eyes soon.

    Aunt Gene

  2. I hope everything went well with Bryce's procedure. Bless his sweet little heart. I want to hear some good news. Come on Baby Bryce!!!

    I can't wait to see his little flirtatious eyes! I bet he loves being able see his mommy and daddy! I'm so thrilled for you guys. Such a sweet family.

    Be sure to blow some kisses to Bryce for me!

    Love you,



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