Thursday, June 25

I See Eyes!

Bryce's eyes officially opened last night! Of course, he has yet to open them by himself for Caleb or myself but G2 (that's Sharon to those who don't know) was lucky enough to get the first peak last night while we were at dinner...ok, actually she got a wink. And we're not quite convinced he wasn't winking at the hot RT,respiratory tech, who made his Cool Guy sunglasses for him last week.

On another note, I'm pretty sure Bryce's night nurse last night, Tiare, thinks I'm either crazy or stalking her. You see, we can see Bryce's window from our window at the Ronald McDonald house. Of course, we don't leave until sometime after at least 10 p.m. and we're back first thing every morning. So, you'd think we could chill out a little at least for that time.

But no - or certainly I cannot.

Which is why when I was up pumping at 4 a.m. and gazed across the parking lots to Bryce's windows fully aglow I had to immediately call to check in. Poor Tiare actually had her hands in his isolette when they came to find her with the phone but she was so sweet and understanding. She assured me that he was doing well and continuing to be weaned on his ventilator settings, which of course is music to my ears.

She also happened to mention that he had opened not one, but both of his eyes for her! This little turkey seems to really like the ladies - that or he simply finds joy in torturing us because he must know how much we are dying to get a peak into the baby blues.

Which actually brings me to another point - it's official, he has already given me gray hair. You probably think I'm kidding, or just being overly presumptuous. Not the case, I promise. I pulled the biggest, gnarliest, whitest hair out of my head this morning and trust me, this has NEVER happened before! The occasional white eyebrow hair? Sure, okay. A much lighter than the rest head hair? Once, I'll admit. But a pure white, thick as a 50 pound test line, hair from deep within the confines of all the mousy brown?

NEVER... before Bryce that is.

I also have to admit, though, that I'd gladly turn every hair on my head white, or blue, or burnt orange for that matter, if it would make my baby boy all better.

But that's a given.

On a much more serious note, neuro came by again this afternoon, talked with our neonatologist and decided to schedule Bryce's surgery for 9 a.m. tomorrow morning. This is another of those double edged swords that line the halls of the NICU because we know he needs this surgery and we're happy they think he's healthy enough for it but it's risky to move him, especially on the oscillating ventilator. That is still being worked out and I'll keep you all updated as soon as I know more.

Otherwise, it's been a pretty good day. We're continuing the NICU dance - going back on antibiotics, watching his blood pressure to see if he needs to go back on a minuscule dose of Dopamine, changing fluids and putting in a new IV.

Worst part is that he wasn't cooperating for his new IV and so ended up with it in his forehead of all places. Kirby, his nurse, says he looks like a unicorn. I'm not sure how much Bryce would appreciate this whole unicorn comparison but since we like Kirby so much we let her get away with it.

I'll be posting another update today, as soon as I hear some more news on the surgery.


  1. He's quite the ladies man! You're going to have your hands full with Bryce. He loves the ladies and the ladies love him.

    You know I wouldn't say you were at stalker status...yet. Would you like me to bring you some binoculars? :)

    I actually read the more up to date blog before this one. I'm glad Baby Bryce isn't going into surgery.

    What's up with them putting the IV's in the head? Another friend of mine, son had and IV in his head too! We will wait until he's in high school to tell him about being a unicorn. :)

    You sound good today!

    Love ya,


  2. Trina,

    Aunt Megan had 3 ivs in her head 30 years ago in NICU. Don't worry. Thinking of all of you.

    Love and Prayer,


  3. How exciting about his eyes!! He will finally be able to see his beautiful momma who's voice has comforted him for the last couple months.


  4. Bryce,

    I am so glad you opened your eyes. You made my day. It was great to hear good news about you today. I talked to your grandpa today and he was excited to tell me about you winking at Sharon. Keep up the fight because your aunt can't wait to smile into your eyes. You and your mom have my heart.
    Love, Aunt Gene

  5. So glad that Bryce is winking at the ladies. Caleb probably has been secretly teaching that to him. Good news!

    By the way - my mom always told me that if you pull out one gray hair, several more replace it. Just a thought.


  6. Wonderful news all around - eyes opening and non-surgical options. What a great comfort to be able to stay so nearby to the hospital - and to have a view that looks at your sons' window? A small comfort, but I'm certain it helps. Good thing Bryce is so precious to keep luring all the best medical staff to care for him :) Stay strong Moline family!

    ~ Anonymous but Adoring.


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