Sunday, July 19

Our Rockstar

Bryce has had such a wonderful weekend we are now officially referring to him as our little rockstar!

He's 30 weeks now and we've been here six weeks. We've had some good times, some bad times, some okay, in between kinda times but these times are great times.

We're so proud of how much he is growing and how strong he's proving to be.

We even went home on Friday night and slept in our own bed! Oh how wonderful that would have been had Dr. Hodges not called at 11:30 p.m. to say that they were concerned Bryce might have NEC. NEC is necrotizing endercolitis and is a very dangerous infection of the intestines. Fortunately though, Bryce plowed through the night with no more signs of infection and although he probably won't get to eat again until tomorrow he's still doing well.

We're not sure, and probably never will be, if he actually had NEC and they just caught it super early or if they were being overly cautious. Either way - we're just glad he seems to be healthy right now.

On top of all of that and without the help of a glycerine suppository for the first time Bryce pooped all on his own accord. We never thought we'd be so happy to see poop! Caleb has even become accustomed to digging poopy diapers out of the trash for inspection if the nurse throws them away before he gets to check them out. I never would have expected that one.

This is great because it means his little tummy is working and hopefully when he gets some more food (hopefully tomorrow) he'll be able to push it all the way through. My poor little pumpkin, I think now that he has really gotten to feel food in his tummy he must be terribly hungry - having not eaten since Friday night. I can't even imagine not eating for two days.

Maybe tomorrow they'll give him some of the milk I pumped today after the ice cream social the March of Dimes volunteers put on for the NICU families this afternoon. I'm sure he'd appreciate Blue Bell vanilla ice cream flavored mommy milk for his first meal trying food again.

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  1. Bryce,

    We love you and miss you. We will say many prayers of thanks that you are growing bigger and stronger. We hope you get to eat soon. Hope to see you soon.

    Gene Lolo Timothy Andrea

  2. He definitely is a ROCKSTAR! What a cutie. I'm glad he is doing so much better. Mommy milk is the best and I'm so proud of you for sticking with it through all this stress. You guys are the most awesome parents. We will continue to pray for you guys! XOXOXO

  3. Just a lurker, hang in there! My due date is 9/3, so your story is so significant to me. That, and I'm from the RR area too.

  4. Bryce is an inspiration to all!

  5. Way to go, Bryce. Way to poop, too. Everyone is so proud of you. We're so thankful that little Bryce is having great days and we'll pray that they continue coming.
    All our love and prayers,
    The Pulley's

  6. Just got back into town after being away since last Tuesday and couldn't wait to get logged on to check on Bryce! I'm so happy to hear that he has been doing well this week!!! Keep it up Bryce! We're still praying!


  7. Good morning Bryce,I hope you will have a great day and grow stronger.God bless.

  8. Well finally, I think I figured out my problem.Now I can send love notes to the little "rock"star.I have been keeping tabs on his progress everyday,All I can say is "way to go,Bryce."I can hardly wait to hear we are taking the baby home.I know it will happen. God is hearing our prayers.A mothers milk and lots of love and long naps with a full tummy makes little boys grow.Bryce,your doggies are waitting for you to come play with them so,eat alot so you can go home.Hugs and love.
    Granny Spriggs

  9. I dreamed last night Byrce came in the room and said Memaw, can i borrow your car keys, and I said, "Bryce you don't have your drivers license" he said "I do now Memaw, they didn't think I could do it". I look forward to this day!!!! He sure was handsome.
    I had a simular dream about Caleb when I was pregnant with him, it all came true!!!
    Love you three and look forward till Thursday, when i can see you all. Love Memaw

  10. Yay Bryce!!! Keep on rockin' little man and you'll be outta there in no time!



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