Friday, July 17

Technical Difficulties

Sorry for anyone who has had trouble viewing or commenting on the blog in the last couple of days. We've experienced some technical difficulties due to user error :)

I've restored it to a few days ago, tested it and it appears to be back to normal again.

Bryce is doing so wonderfully right now that I almost hesitate to say so as not to jinx it. We thank you all so much for your thoughts and prayers - I know that is what has turned him around.

They are continuing the trend for the last couple of days again today. They are further weaning him off of his pain medicine, hydrocortisone and nitric oxide - all in small little baby steps of course. And the best news is he is still tolerating his feeds so they have upped his schedule to every 3 hours - just like a term baby would eat!

I hope he begins to push some out his bottom without the use of those nasty glycerine suppositories though. I hate to see them give them to him, even though I'm sure it's something all moms deal with sooner or later. But even more so because if he does that will be a great sign that his tummy can handle the challenge of processing food. Something he dearly needs to do and that can often times simply be too much to ask of a micro preemie. We can only pray.

He looks amazingly healthy right now and is sleeping most of the time. We're happy to see this because it means he's comfortable - finally - and when he's sleeping he's growing! And boy can you tell when you look at him.

Caleb and I have also been thinking of trying to spend a night at home if Bryce continues to do so well. We know better than to try to make any plans but we also know that we dearly need it for our mental health. Bryce will be six weeks old on Sunday and 30 weeks gestationally tomorrow. Maybe those are the magic numbers for a night at home? We shall see.

I'll continue to keep you updated day to day and we, Caleb, Bryce and I, continue to be eternally grateful for all of the wonderful people who check in on us daily. You are our little angels spread out all over this country and across that little pond as well - thank you, thank you, thank you!


  1. I love all the awesome news that you have today! Bryce is such an angel, and I know that he's going to keep getting bigger and stronger until he too can go home.

  2. Oh Katrina! What wonderful news! I hope you get to sleep in your bed again soon. I'm sure Sugar and Bosco will be beside themselves! I look forward to the day you can bring baby Bryce home with you. I pray that he continues to grow beautifully with his mommy's milk. We love and miss you.
    Mary and Jeff

  3. He's a remarkable little boy. I think a night away will be good for you guys. Seeing your animals and loving on them can be very therapeutic for both you and them. :) However, I think it's going to be wfully hard for you to stalk Bryce's nurses being in Cedar Park. Lol. They probably need a break too! Haha! I love you guys!


  4. So glad to see you home for the night and glad to read all of Bryce's progress! You and your family are in our thoughts and prayers. Take care. Good to talk with you!
    Love, Wayne, Joanna, Landon, Owen & Ethan Sanders

  5. God bless Bryce.Grow Bryce grow!

  6. So wonderful to hear that he's continuing to do so well!! Y'all are always in my thoughts & prayers!!

  7. I love little Bryce.God bless.

  8. We love you guys! Way to go Bryce!

  9. Hello fabulous family! I wanted to give all of the utmost respect, love, admiration, prayers, and excitement for the greatness that is little Bryce. Shadow cannot wait to meet him - 8). Thank you for the ability to watch the amazing progress of your growing family! God Bless!

    Sabrina, Josh, Calen, & Shadow~

  10. Wonderful, hoping for more good news today!
    G2 & GF


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