Monday, July 20

Hungry Baby

Poor baby Bryce - the docs decided at rounds this morning to hold off feeds for another day. His belly still looks pretty good but there are a few dilated bowel sections in his xray that they are mildly concerned with.

With NEC it's always better safe than sorry.

Otherwise Bryce is still doing stellar! His oxygen is currently set at 26% and he's high satting (saturating his blood with oxygen above 95%). His ventilator is set to give him a rate of 30 breaths per minute but he's averaging about 40-50. Those extra ten to twenty are all Bryce!

And by the way - try to take 40 or 50 breaths in a minute...go ahead I'll wait...

You can't do it. Okay, at least I can't do it. Just goes to show you how tiny his little lungs are that they can fill and empty completely in less than 2 seconds!

And he's put on at least a pounds since we've gotten here.

Well, I've gotta get ready for our afternoon holding session. Poor Caleb is at work so he's giving up his turn to hold but I have to admit that I'm a little glad. I'd hold Bryce all day every day if they'd let me.


  1. You'll get there before you know it. Then you'll think, "Man he is heavy. I wish he would let me put him down for a second." They grow up so fast. I'm glad he's doing great today!

  2. glad he is doing so well. will keep you all in our prayers

  3. I am glad to hear he is doing well. My daughter died from NEC, and it was heartbreaking.

    Her twin Lillian Did well in the NICU, and came home at 4lb 5 oz after 67 days. She was still using glycerin right up till then and a few times at home. Some kids just don't like to poop, LOL.

  4. I know Bryce appreciates all the pumping you do for him round the clock. Isn't it silly how feeling like a milk cow can feel so good :) You'll have to load up on more ice cream when the docs give the green light on feeds! Take care-a-you.

  5. Mommy and Daddy,

    First of all I want to say I am so happy you went home and took a good break. I told you I am in such good hands that you don't have to worry. I bet your own bed felt really snuggly. I am really hungry I can not wait to get to eat again. I am going to try to keep pooping on my own cause I don't like those things they stick in my hiney. Yuk. I love you both very much. I want you both to feel free to take another really good break. It really is ok with me.

    Your handsome son,

  6. These post keeping me up to date are such a Godsend. While I was away, I could read the post but couldn't comment. But I was always keeping tabs on you all! Kiss that sweet boy and tell him Traci can't wait to get her hands all over him!

  7. I'm glad that he is doing so well! Gaining weight and got his O2 settings down! What a little trooper you got there! I continue to think of your family and pray for you each day.


  8. Sounds like his vent settings might get weaned soon since he is breathing over the vent! Go Bryce!! Glad to hear all the good news and that the doctors are being cautious with the his bowels.



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