Tuesday, July 21

Back to Surgery

Well Bryce is scheduled to go back to surgery early tomorrow morning to have the shunt in his head either replaced or a new one put in. They won't know exactly what they'll do until they see what everything looks like.

The follow up ultrasound that neurology does every week showed on Monday that Bryce's ventricles were slightly more swollen than last week. This is not an emergent issue but since he is doing so well otherwise and before it becomes an issue for him they want to go in and take care of it.

We're obviously not thrilled at the idea of our baby going back downstairs for surgery but at least we've been through this once already and know what to expect. Also, we have the tremendous peace of mind that comes with how much healthier Bryce is now than he was three weeks ago. It's really hard sometimes to either believe he was that sick just a couple of weeks ago or to believe that he is doing this well today. I thank God many times a day for how well he is doing right now.

Both Caleb and I feel good about the surgery but I think we're both concerned, for good reason, about the recovery. We've been warned that he's likely to need more support post operatively but you never know what that really means until they see what he is going to do.

Since we don't know how he will be afterward, and because we love it, we've been trying to get as much skin to skin time as possible. I was able to hold Bryce yesterday, though only for an hour because he had a dirty diaper (even though it was changed not once, but twice immediately preceeding the hand over).

Caleb is holding him now and they're already past my hour from yesterday. All cozy and comfy, they might be there all night long.

We also took advantage of Bryce's health to give him a good rub down last night. I even got to shampoo his hair with some Johnson's and Johnson's for the first time. I admit he didn't care for it one bit - but what baby does? He turned all red in the face and threw all four limbs around in defiance but came out with silky, golden locks and no more cheese under his chin!

If I don't get a post up tomorrow, post surgery, to update the blog check the Baby Bryce Tweets on the right side. Due to Caleb and I jointly breaking my phone I haven't been able to text the blog in a week but I can still Twitter.

And of course, please keep us, and especially baby Bryce, in your thoughts and prayers tomorrow morning as Dr. George works his magic on our tiny baby's tiny brain.


  1. Bryce will be in our thoughts and prayers tomorrow morning as he is everyday. I'm so proud of how well he is doing! We love you guys!

  2. The doctors are always in my prayers. They are the wonder makers with the talent, you are the wonder makers of the love. All my love and prayers sweet Bryce. I can't wait to meet you!

  3. you will be in our thoughts and prayers.

  4. I had to change Blake's diaper one time during skin to skin. I just laid him down in my lap while the nurses held his tubes and changed him really quickly. He gave me a nice wet present in the process. It was the hardest freakin thing to do but at least I got my time in. I was not about to give up time holding since I only got to hold him 30 mins a day starting out. So I completely understand where you are coming from. We will say a prayer for Bryce and the doctors.

  5. I love the fact that you got to scrub his little head with some Johnson's and Johnson's. Deep down I'm sure he was grateful. Even if he wasn't, that's okay. It's a great sign that he was so angry about it. Mean ol' momma! :)

    I'm never happy to hear that he's going into surgery, however I'm glad they are taking care of it. He is in the best hands there. They have a remarkable staff! Tomorrow will be another day that Bryce shows off his ROCKSTAR abilities!


    Be strong, angel! I love you and I'm looking forward to chasing you around one day.



  6. Bryce, Trina and Caleb,

    We are praying. We are always thinking of you. We know Bryce will do well because he is a strong baby. We love you.
    Aunt Gene Uncle Lolo Andre and Timothy

  7. Y'all are in my thoughts & prayers!!!

  8. Katrina, Caleb and Bryce,
    We love you and are praying for a great recovery from surgery. I see that he is getting settled back in, if not already. Rest well sweet Bryce -and mom and dad. We all know you can power through this.

    Mary and Jeff


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