Sunday, October 7

Cleaning House

Finally going through the last of Bryce's medical stuff. I never would have guessed it would be hard to throw away oxygen tubing, nasal cannulas and NG tubes.

Wow, why do I still have NG tubes?? We should have ceremoniously burned all of this in a huge bonfire a year and a half ago!

As confident as I am that we are passed all of those scary breathing issues - I just can't bring myself to not keep a set of emergency supplies.

We'll probably always have an oxygen tank and tubing. And that is ok.


  1. While it's nowhere near the same thing, I had all manner of preemie tech (feeding specific) in our baby drawer in the kitchen long after we no longer needed it. Heck, long after it wasn't even appropriate, age or size wise. It really felt like, oh, we might need this.

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  3. I meant "there" not "their".


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