Sunday, September 13


Bryce is noticeably better again today and extubation talks have resumed.

Currently the plan is to extend his antibiotics to ten days, an additional three from today. They've also given him a diuretic to help pull any excess fluid from his lungs.

He'll get the first of either three or six doses of steroids tomorrow and be extubated four hours later.

Please strengthen Bryce with your thoughts and prayers as he needs to get this tube out in order to get on the path to home.
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  1. Wow! Bryce certainly has a lot of spirit. It's hard to believe he can lift his own head, and he knows his mom well enough to fuss about her leaving. And over six pounds! I guess I shouldn't have got the preemie clothes after all. Oh well, time for some more shopping.

    We will be praying for him (and you) tomorrow.


  2. Bryce,This old granny has been thinking about you and praying for you even though I have been to busy to stop by to say "hello'. Well,I really did stop by and read your blog to be sure you were doing alright.Sorry about you having been sick.I was thrilled to see you are such a big boy..six pounds,WoW! Have you been eating cookies? I want to tell you also that I'm going to see the wizard to get me a new knee tomorrow.I'll be away from my computer for a few days.I just want you to know I'll still be thinking about you and praying too.For you and me.(smile)I hope I can be half as good a patient and as brave as you.You are my inspiration.Such a tiny little boy with such a will to get through all the hurdles life has forced on you.Not only am I getting a new knee.You have given me a new "can do" heart and attitude.
    Bryce I pray that you will be going home to your new room real soon.Shoot I'd even be happy to find a "Moved" sign on your blog when I come back.Bryce went home to his furry friends with his mommy and daddy.That would be better than a new knee.I love you little friend.God bless.
    Granny Spriggs

  3. Prayers and thoughts from here as always!!
    The McClellands


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