Saturday, September 12

Bryce's endless IV sticks have me in a dour mood today - it's so hard to try to understand why such a sweet & innocent little soul should have to endure so much


  1. Haven't had internet for a few weeks so I'm just catching up on all your posts. My heart is just aching for you right now with all that you and bryce have gone through. You are truly an inspiration. I know Bryce is meant to do BIG things in this world, he just keeps proving that he will keep fighting!!

  2. That is the worst! Noah blew his IV lines like crazy. Poor kid had at least one new one started every day he was in the NICU. It was the worst feeling for me too, I felt so badly for him. Between IVs and the ridiculous number of heel sticks! I feel for you!


  3. Keep strong baby Bryce. You are almost there buddy. You will see your new nursery before you know it!

  4. I hope these difficult days end quickly. I wish I could make it happen for you. Hold on to the hope that brighter days are ahead. We are praying for you always.



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