Thursday, September 17

Oxy Hood Trial

On Tuesday, after Bryce's self extubation fiasco on Monday, we experimented with an oxy hood to see if Bryce was unable to sustain CPAP because his lungs are too sick or because his airway isn't allowing sufficient air to enter his lungs.

The way it worked was they disconnected Bryce's ventilator from his ET tube and then put a plastic bubble over his head. They pumped oxygen into the "hood" and waited to see if he immediately began to go down on how well he oxygenated his blood or not. He did not. This means that his lungs are not the issue, his airway is.

As you can see in the short video of the trial below, Bryce barely even noticed his ventilator had been taken away...

Unfortunately though, this means Bryce will be making another trip down to the OR on Tuesday to have an ENT scope all the way down his airway into his trachea both with and without his ET tube. Removing his ET tube is always risky because if they can't get him re-intubated when they need to he cannot breathe.

There are several ways this could end up on Tuesday. The ENT may see some extra fleshy skin in Bryce's airway that can be removed and help him to clear his airway to breathe without the ventilator. Or the ENT may see that there is substantial swelling of his airway due to being intubated for so long and send him back to the NICU to try a course of steroids to extubate him. Or there may be scar tissue or some other physical obstruction that only Bryce's growth will solve, in which case we will have a serious conversation with all of his doctors about a tracheotomy. There is also a small chance that something will either happen or be seen on Tuesday during the scope that will necessitate a tracheotomy be done right then.

With each of these possible outcomes on Tuesday comes a plethora of other possible outcomes as well in regards to how soon Bryce may be able to go home and what kind of care he may need when he does go home.

It's too much what if to go into here but needless to say we wait with baited breath.

Ultimately, we can honestly say that whatever is best for Bryce is what we want. If that means we live at the hospital for another year or that means we take him home in a month or two with a tracheotomy, ventilator and feeding tube than so be it.

It's funny how the second you have children your life ceases to be about you at all but completely about them. And even funnier how little we mind.

Here's Bryce sitting up today (with a little assistance) while he gets his CPT to help clear the pneumonia junk from his lungs. Yes, that hand is smacking him. That's his RT breaking up the secretions so they can suction them out. He usually loves it, as you can see by the look on his face here.


  1. Baby Bryce! I have been thinking about you lots and looking for an update. We will pray hard on tuesday for everything to go smoothly and for the doctors wisdom in determining the best plan of action.

  2. He looks great and he is getting SO big!! I truly hope Tuesday brings some answers and solutions. Just the mention of a trach is scary, but hopefully, there will be something much less invasive or long-term that can be done to help Bryce.

    Thanks for sharing the picture and video with us.


  3. Oh my goodness, I just love him. Just love him. You have no idea, well I guess YOU have an idea as you have been looking at my kids for 9 years and this is my first glimpse of one of my oldest and dearest friends having a baby. I am amazed at how much you can be attached to a baby, you have A) never met and B) not be your own. Either way, this is the first time I have thought-NO DOUBT- he is going to come out of Tuesday a new baby. Breathing alone. And soon enough right under Horton!!


  4. First, I love the video and the new picture. He is just precious. What a blessing! I will pray especially hard for Tuesdays procedure. I hope that it will be something simple that the doctor can fix on the spot. I just know your little man will be a whole new breathing-on-his-own baby after Tuesday!


  5. Thanks for the video and picture, I agree with all above he's a gorgeous and amazing baby boy! He is getting so big!

    As always your in my thoughts and prayers and will continue to be Tuesday and beyond.


  6. Look at how cute he his! Wow, you guys have your work cut out for you. Definitely a ladies man. He is something else. As always, we continue to pray for you guys and your little trooper.

  7. We will be praying for Bryce and you tomorrow (Tuesday). I know he is a strong young man. Don't forget to take care of yourself.

    Aunt Pat

  8. Bryce,
    i am sending my love your way. My prayers are with you every day, but I will send special prayers your way tomorrow. Each day I dream of the time when we are both better and I can shower you with baby gifts and play with you. I am so proud of how big and strong you are. You Are An Inspiration to me.

    Love, Aunt Gene

  9. Adalyn and I wanted to tell you that we love you and will be praying for Bryce, you and wisdom for the doctors as tomorrow approaches. I pray that no matter what the outcome, Bryce comes out of the OR stronger than when he went in!

    The video and picture are priceless!

    All Our Love,
    Mary, Jeff and Adalyn


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