Monday, September 14

Par for the Course

In true Bryce fashion - completely unexpectedly - Bryce went ahead and extubated himself at 3:30 this morning.

Apparently he was swaddled and on his belly when his nurse left. His respitory therapist just happened to be walking by as he de-satted a little so he walked in to see what was going on. Bryce had flipped himself over onto his back and pulled out his own ET tube.

NOT ok.

But trying telling that to a cute-as-a-button, tiny little baby.

Unfortunately, he had not gotten his dose of steroids and no one had prepared the CPAP machine so there was frantic calling for his steroids stat, calling me to let me know what was going on and trying to get his CPAP set up.

NOT a great start.

But Bryce does things his way.

At about ten minutes until 6 this morning Bryce was reintubated. He struggled from the get go on 100% oxygen and just couldn't keep his airway open well enough to get good breaths. But as soon as he was reintubated he was back on meager vent settings and less than 40% oxygen.

The nurse practioner that reintubated Bryce this morning noticed that his airway was swollen and surprisingly contracted. She suggested that on his next extubation we go down to the OR to have an ear, nose and throat specialist (ENT) scope his airway for abnormalities. Maybe there is a physiological problem that can be fixed. Maybe the ET tube is serving as a stint for his airway and once it's gone he simply can't keep it open on his own. The ENT will be called to consult today.

Needless to say, we're all a little disappointed around here today. Parents, nurses and RTs alike. But there's always the relief that comes with seeing him comfortable and no longer struggling for air. We'll try to focus on that positive to get through the day.


  1. His airway might not be fully developed yet. My son who was only 5 wks early had an issue as well. However with my son we only knew it when he was upset and then his airway would colaps. They scoped son twice before finding out that when he was upset the under side would bubble up due to it not being 100% developed. For us it was just going to take time. He was about 6 Months before his airway started to really firm up and hold open when upset. But we were told to try to keep him from having full blown meltdowns until a year old to give the airway it's time to heal. We had O2 in our home and car just in case. This may just be a sign of still being underdeveloped. In our prayers always. We've almost been where you are. We spent the 1st 6 months in and out of the PICU with our son who is now 5 and almost all the way caught up to his peers.

  2. Bryce,

    I love you and am praying for you i Hope I am a good patieby like you. You are so brave, I want to get better so I can play with you when you go home. SAy hello to your mom and dad and tell them I think about Them everyday.

    Love, Gene

  3. He already knows what he wants and goes for it. What a strong little man.

    Ok Bryce keep the tube in and let the nurses and docs do their jobs. But keep staying strong. Oh and by the way looks like you have an awesome room waiting for you at home.

    Love you guys


  4. Poor little guy. He wants that thing out more than you do. We will continue to pray for you guys. Keep being strong little Bryce!

    Dude,what were you thinking??
    I am so happy that you are in an amazing hosppital!!
    Man oh man, I cannot imagine the dear Trina!!
    Eeekk this weekend sir Bryce...we are having a talk!!
    I thank God you are okay, we are all praying for you here!!
    Stay strong buddy I am sure those tubes are annoying!! They are only helping you though!
    Soon you will be a BIG bay, and be at home : )
    Love you,


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