Saturday, June 13

Prayer Solicitation

Hello Everyone,

We just wanted to make a quick post to solicit all of your prayers for the next hour or so. Bryce is going into heart surgery right now to close his PDA. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers.

Much love and appreciation,

Caleb, Katrina and baby Bryce


  1. Dear Mommie & Daddy,

    Boy I am glad thats over with. I was alittle scared but I knew that you and all my friends were saying their prayers. I promise I will keep up the fight. Please get some rest. I love you both.

    Loads of Love,

  2. Caleb and Katrina,

    My prayers are with you and Bryce. I,too, have a Bryce and I can tell you first hand that they are definite fighters.

    To Anonymous:you are a beautiful human being.



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