Friday, June 12

In response to an anonymous comment/letter from Bryce to Mommy & Daddy

Dear Bryce,

Thank you for your amazing little note - it brought me to tears just the way you have every day of your life. But I know in my heart that one day I will get to hold you in my arms and feel your skin against mine. That knowledge makes all of the tears bearable.

I can hardly wait until the day I look into your eyes and see that you know I am your mommy and that I will love you unconditionally every day for the rest of my life.

You are my light, my heart, my soul and know that your daddy and I will do everything within our power, and beyond, to provide you with the best possible future.

I love you, Sweet Boy. Be strong, as we all know you are. Keep fighting, as I'm sure you will. Find comfort in our love for you. Know that people all across this world are praying for you and thinking of you, your very own team of angels.

We are so proud of you, Baby.



  1. Hi. My husband is on your husband's car board. He showed me your post, our son went to NICU as well. I wanted to offer you a resource that I found so comforting and valuable during our son's NICU time. It is the Just Mommies message board. They have a NICU board there. We have several mommies of 24-26 weekers that have stood in your shoes. They offer great advice, knowledge and make wonderful shoulders to vent to cry on if you ever need it. If you feel like checking it out:

    I will keep your sweet baby boy Bryce in my prayers.


  2. Dear Mommy,

    You don't have to wait until the day you can look into my eyes, I already know who my mommy is! You so beautiful. I am glad your mine. Have I told you I love you today? I love you. I want you to know that you and daddy are in my prayers too. I am so lucky to have such caring and devoted parents. We will take care of one another.

    Love you lots,


  3. Thank you for the beautiful photos! You are still in our thoughts and prayers.

    Aunt Pat


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