Thursday, June 11

Go Bryce, GO!

Hi all! This is Traci, Trina's friend from, updating you all from New Jersey.

After speaking with Trina today, I am feeling so pumped for Bryce! She said that today and last night were both good nights. She stressed that they are taking it day by day, moment by moment. Both her and Caleb are trying not to let the awareness that there will be bad days as well over shadow the tremendous moments they are living with Bryce.

Better than that all, SHE SOUNDED GREAT! We laughed and she spoke about Bryce and his many hurdles he is facing, but with such grace and positivity.

There should be more info in regards to the PDA and in the way the lung surfactant has worked tomorrow. The doctors will do an ultra sound to check out his tiny little systems and get a new read on how he is doing.

Caleb and Trina had a bit of a milestone as well today when they were able to see Bryce's eye's for the first time. Being that his skin is still so thin and fragile, he has a wound care specialist come in, while there she (he?) took the eye covers off. Trina sounded so excited to see her baby's brow bone and the soft curves of his tiny eye's. The lids are still closed, but you can only imagine that wonderful moment.

Many apologies if this is scattered and erratic, like most of you reading I am terribly thirsty for all the info I can garner on Baby Bryce. I will do my best at these updates in the future (granted Trina lets me back on here!). In the mean time, let me suggest you all take some time to verse yourself on the March Of Dimes website. They have a plethora of information pertaining to micro preemies.

Thanks for checking in!

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