Wednesday, May 2

A Little of This, Little of That

I was way too overwhelmed on Monday (at pick up just as much as at drop off) to take any pictures of Bryce at school. But I made up for it yesterday - here are some pictures of him going into the school with his teacher, on the right, and his vision instructor, on the left.

And here's Bryce realizing that I'm leaving - breaks my heart...

And since that picture from yesterday didn't go so well, I took a video this morning without driving up next to him.  You can see how far he's walking now - it's a pretty good distance just to the doors from the car and he still has to get down the hallway from there.  It's a S.L.O.W. process!

In other news, my dad was tied up at work yesterday afternoon so I got the rare opportunity to take Bryce to hippotherapy and stay with him. For some strange reason my phone's video isn't recording audio but on this video there isn't much to hear. I'm just asking Bryce if he had fun and I think you can tell the answer by the huge smile on his face.

He was pretty wiped out from the four hours at school in the morning with only a 30 nap in the car on the way to therapy but even still you can see how relaxed he looks on Maggie. I can't stop going on and on about how much I think this therapy is helping!

And then after therapy we went out to my dad's so Bryce could take a little nap and I could get some work done. That's when we discovered that some where, some how Bryce has learned to tell people how old he is.

When my dad first showed me I was so shocked I didn't really believe it, thinking it was just a fluke. But we tested him several times last night and then I got it on video this morning. It may seem like a small thing but keep in mind that Bryce doesn't really say any words and the signs that he has are limited (go, eat, more, all done and milk) so this is a pretty big deal to us. Add to that the fact that I have no idea who taught him this - it now seems kind of miraculous.

So without further ado, here is the video (keep in mind, still no audio so you'll just have to imagine that I'm saying to him, "Bryce, how old are you?")

His fine motor skills, even in his left hand, are not great but there is no doubt he's holding up two fingers. And last night while he was sitting in Caleb's lap we were talking and Caleb said "two" in a completely unrelated way, to me, and Bryce did the same thing.

I'm pretty psyched about this new "sign" and excited about the possibility that he may be getting ready to start signing more.  Any additional communication would make our lives so much easier.

Exciting times!!


  1. This made my day! Bryce signing "2" is just about perfect. I wonder if G2 is gonna get that sign. I'll take it.

  2. That picture of him realizing you are leaving just breaks my heart too. It seems like his teacher was really encouraging though. I love his big smile when he is riding Maggie. And, the showing two fingers is just priceless! I love how proud he looks of showing you too.

  3. I was clapping at the computer when Bryce held up 2 fingers!! Love love love it!! The videos are great (even without sound). Thanks for sharing with all of us!


  4. Two fingers! GO, Bryce!!! :)
    I was wondering why I hadn't seen him cruising around this week. He's been missed.


  5. Oh, what a cutie! I love the pictures and video. It gives me hope for my little man. We take him to hippotherapy also and he loves it!


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