Tuesday, May 1

Overdue Update

April was such a busy month that I've fallen very behind on keeping everyone updated. We had Caleb's birthday and his and Jeremy's annual crawfish boil, then the very next weekend we had a big surprise 60th birthday for my dad. In the midst of all of the partying, I had the initial visit with Leander ISD where they told me that this week would be Bryce's evaluation. That was two weeks ago today - they don't really give you much time to plan considering how busy Bryce's schedule is. Nor is it near enough time to mentally and emotionally prepare for such an endeavor - but then again, maybe there isn't enough time in all of the world.

Bryce is also officially in the toddler room at his day care. This is most certainly a double edged sword. I love that he's getting the exposure to kids closer to his age and it certainly seems to be helping. But they've had some wicked high teacher turn over in that class (it's a tough job) and I worry about the inconsistency. Plus, no one will ever take as good care of him as his Miss Becky, his infant room teacher for the last year, did. Too bad she didn't just move with him!

He's also started trying to walk in his walker from the car to his classroom at day care - which is a pretty good distance. Some days he scoots right along and others he battles me every step of the way. One thing I notice though, is no matter how hard it is to battle the world's most stubborn little boy (trust me, that is NO exaggeration) it sure is easier to have him walking than for this pregnant momma to carry him, his back pack, his walker and his napping blanket.

Over the last week Bryce has gotten really brave and starting letting go of things when he's cruising. I think sometimes he just forgets he doesn't really stand. But I also credit his remarkably improved balance and much stronger core muscles to the hippo-therapy because before he wouldn't have dreamed of it, nor would he sometimes balance for a few seconds before falling. We're trying our darnedest to get him in twice a week before they quit for summer but there haven't been any other openings just yet. I know that one of these days soon he's going to stand and as we continue practicing with the walker he's going to get better and better.

I'm excited to see the changes coming in these next months and hope that they mean he'll be better prepared for whatever Leander ISD deems he needs by the time Fall comes around. With Bryce's birthday only a month away, the new baby coming over summer and him going to school in late August it's going to be a hectic, exciting, challenging couple of months. Better go get my big girl panties.


  1. When and if the time comes you might want to look into the therasuit. Little Tesoros just started offering it this year. http://www.suittherapy.com/TheraSuit%20Pictures.htm

  2. I'n a new follower!! I can only imagine how you were feeling all day the day your first son was born during this pregnancy!! Looking forward to catching up on your blog and following your story!

  3. Katrina, you just made this girl cry. Did you write that bit because you knew I'd see it? Gosh I love that boy, and I miss him so much. I get so excited every time I see him walk by my door, or out on the playground. Its so amazing how far he's come!
    Off topic - I have tried twice now to find your March of Dimes team online and can't. What am I doing wrong? I have searched yours and Bryce's name, "Team BAM" and just "BAM". Do you have a direct link? Andy and I would like to take Camy down there to participate.
    If you see this tonight, you can email me at rebecca.zod@gmail.com.

    All our love and prayers,


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