Thursday, February 9

Play Date Fun

I was perusing some friend's blogs whilst trying my best to take it easy yesterday when I ran across a picture of Bryce! What a nice surprise that was.

I feel like poor Bryce hasn't been the main subject here at Bryce Moline lately - which is a bit of a misnomer. Not to mention, I felt that the blog generally needed a bit of a lightening up.

So I figured why not follow Mackenzie's lead.  My friend, fellow special needs mom and head honcho over at pforpeanuts has the cutest blog and even cuter twins: Ellisa and Hudson, who happen to have equally adorable names.

Anywhose...I've been trying to get Bryce around some more little ones whenever I can. He is quickly outgrowing the babies in the infant room at his day care and it's just good for us both.

Especially when we can spend some time with a couple of mommas who get the special needs mom thing. You knew it was "a thing", didn't ya?  Only kidding of course, I just mean that there is an instant understanding with other moms who get it.  "It" being the all at once absolute joy and overwhelming reality of caring for a special needs kiddo.

But we, and by we I mean I, have been grossly unsuccesful in this endeavor. Bryce's therapy and doctor schedule coupled with work and daily chores makes fitting anything into our schedule a challenge. But then trying to coordinate our hectic schedule with one or more other hectic schedules means our play dates are sporadic at best.

I am working on it though and looking forward to a lighter load in the summer. Which in Texas we know is always looming ever so hotly right over the horizon...but I digress.

We were able to host a play date at our house a while back and Mackenzie was saavy enough to snap a picture (thanks, Kenzie!) when I wasn't. And what a treat when weeks later, after having almost completely forgotten about it, I happen upon her post Peanuts Play Dates and Bryce's face!

Just a little nudge from the powers that be to keep trying to make those play dates work - for us both.

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