Monday, February 13

Cerclage Tomorrow & Other Exciting News

Well, tomorrow is the big day finally.  I went to Temple to see a perinatologist at the Scott & White hospital on Friday.  And despite the fact that the original part of the hospital I visited is right out of the Twilight Zone and full of Wal-Mart people, it was a good visit.

The peri. I saw was extensively experienced in high risk pregnancies, very forthcoming and not bad on the eyes in disagreement with anything the previous peri. here in Austin had told me.

He did an ultrasound to check my cervical length and found it to be measuring much larger than the last two, more than 3 cm where as neither of the last were over 2.5 cm.  This news pretty much immediately took a lot of stress and anxiety away. 

He also gave me some numbers I'll be hanging onto pretty tightly: cerclages have been shown to reduce the risk of preterm labor by about a third, additionally progesterone therapy (the weekly shots I start next week) have been shown to have the same reduction in risk.  I verified that that meant a total of 2/3 risk reduction with both treatments.  It's not a guarantee, or even really good odds, but it's better than half and better than I expected.  It's also much better than Bryce's odds of surviving were when he was born and look at him now!  So, I'll gladly take 2/3!

I also asked him during the ultrasound if he had any guesses on the baby's sex.  He was fairly certain it looks like a boy though 15 weeks is pretty early to tell.  Here is the picture he gave me for Caleb, I'll let you try to figure it out and judge for yourself:

Caleb and I were both kind of hoping for a girl, since we already have a boy, but if two parents ever just wanted a healthy baby it's these two.

The earliest they could get me on the surgery schedule is tomorrow and the peri. I saw Friday won't be on but he said that the lady peri. who will do the surgery is very good and has LOTS of experience. Yay!

She also has a full morning of c-sections already scheduled so we have to arrive (in Temple) by 9 a.m. and I can't eat after midnight but it may be afternoon before they are able to work me into her surgical schedule.  I'm pretty excited that Caleb's new boss is letting him come with me, he hasn't had a chance to see or hear the baby at all yet and will probably get to tomorrow.  Happy Valentine's Day to us!

And before I leave you all with that bit of good news all around I have just one more exciting bit to share.  Bryce has been practicing walking with his posterior walker for a while now and seems to be really getting it!  His PT (physical therapist) is nearly as excited as I am, which is to say very, very, very!!!

Here is a short video we took on Saturday while practicing.  He made it from the back door to the front door, around through the kitchen and back to the living room on Friday for his PT and my dad.  Today he did the same but with a loop around the dining table - baby steps, baby!

It's funny, I was reviewing my YouTube upload history and realized that a year ago we were trying to get Bryce to stop rolling and start crawling, 7 months ago he started pulling up and today he's starting to walk.  His progress in the last year really astounds me.  We've worked hard for a long time to get here and I couldn't be a prouder momma!!

I'll try to update after we get home tomorrow to let everyone know how to surgery went and what's next on the agenda.  Until then, thanks as always for checking in on our little family!


  1. The video requires my login to be authorized, so boo to that, but yeah to everything else!

  2. Sorry, the video should work now. I forget that the default from iMovie is private - oops :)

  3. Yay, Bryce. I smiled and laughed and cried when I saw your video. I miss you. I am so happy you are doing so well. Good work.

    Love, Aunt Gene

  4. That is awesome about Bryce! It's amazing what these kids can overcome and he's just going to achieve more and more all the time.

    I'm glad everything seems to be a bit more in control for you and the odds of risk are narrowing. Congrats on another baby boy! Two boys is going to be crazy!!!

  5. Words cannot express... Thank you for sharing that video!! Way to go Bryce Boo!! And I'd dare to say the peri. is right :)

  6. Unbearably cute. Both of them.

  7. That video of Bryce brought tears to my eyes. I'm so proud of him, and I've only met him once. Go, Bryce, Go!

    Also happy to hear that things seem to be under control as far as your new little peanut. Wishing you a long, healthy pregnancy. I'll be praying for you tomorrow (again, since I thought you got it last Friday).

  8. What a beautiful picture. I love it. Does Caleb ever look like his dad. Could have thought it was Clark. Happy Valentines Day. Love you, Aunt Ann

  9. I'm so excited for Bryce, what a pro. I knew he could do it. Can't wait to see what's next. I love y'all sooo very much! Praying everything is going well today for the cerclage. Let us know ASAP.

    Love y'all,
    Aunt Christi


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