Sunday, January 2

New Year, New Bryce

With 2010 soundly behind us I now have the ability to look back at a full year of having Bryce home with us. We were busy, busy, busy trying to help him be all that he can be (to knock off the army).

We had 52 straight weeks of physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, dietician counseling, doctor visits and specialist check ups. We also had some real moments of panic and some very real moments of awe. We learned that just because there is a tried and true way to teach a CP preemie how to do new things there also may be an equally effective alternative. We've spend a lot of time pushing, pushing, pushing only to be left frustrated and defeated. But then a week later see the fruits of our labor come into a full bloom.

And so, as this new year begins we begin anew with our efforts to afford Bryce every opportunity we possibly can to be the best Bryce he can be. We have the support of our tireless family, some wonderful organizations (Hand to Hold, March of Dimes, Graham's Foundation) and the best therapists we could possibly ask for to help us navigate this winding road.

What on the itinerary for 2011, you ask? Well, crawling. And sitting. And words. And eventually, hopefully walking.

In 2010 we witnessed Bryce progress from essentially being a newborn on oxygen with serious feeding issues, who just so happened to actually be 6 months old, to being developmentally a 6 month old who rolls, babbles, mimics and loves to make you laugh. It's not as much change as a "normally developing" baby would make in a year but it's truly remarkable for Bryce.

Unfortunately, for Bryce we now know how much he is capable of. And so our immediate goal is to put almost, kind of sitting and rolling as a means of transportation behind us to focus on a Bryce who sits at will for extended periods of time and uses crawling as his means of getting where he wants when he wants.

And we're off to a great start already. My dad and I are working on an "anti-rolling device" that will make rolling impossible for Bryce while on the floor. He mostly hates it but as you can see from the videos from yesterday with the prototype, he's taking "baby steps" already.

Just One Good Push


We thank you all for continuing to stick by us as 2010 flew by and 2011 begins. May you all have a wonderful, productive and rewarding new year!


  1. Those videos were AWESOME!! I was sitting here cheering him on! Before you know it he will be all over the place and there will be no stopping him!

  2. He is as precious now as he was when he was born. A miracle from God. He is a joy to see. He has always been in my prayers. I Know he will be on his little knees before you know it, God bless this sweet little family.Hugs and prayers for you all.
    Granny Spriggs

  3. I love the "anti-rolling device!!" He is adorable! I'm glad things are going well, I know first-hand that its hard to wait for all these milestones but I console myself with the fact that I probably got way more joy on the day Jack finally crawled because it meant so much more then a milestone, it signifies their ability to overcome impossible odds that most babies never have to overcome. YAY BRYCE!!!

  4. I have watched the video over and over. I just want to give him some of my strength to crawl. He is amazing and so precious. Thank you for sharing. Love MIL

  5. Bryce you are amazing. I wish I could see you everyday. I love to see you smile. The no rolling device is great and you will soon be crawling. God bless you. We all love you.


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