Monday, August 30


Bryce is out of surgery and off the ventilator. I just traded out with Caleb as only one of us is able to be in the recovery room at a time. Once he wakes up a little more and can take a bottle then they'll move him to a post-op room where we can all be with him. The doctors said we'll probably be in that room for a couple of hours and then should be on our way home.

Bryce looks pretty tired and is a little whiny, they said the chordee repair is probably going to be pretty painful when he first pees. It looks absolutely awful and he also has a separate incision where the hernia repair was done.

His poor little eyes (both) are bloodshot and goopy. Apparently it will be 2-3 weeks before the redness goes away and he will have bloody tears for a few days.

Our poor baby went through a lot this morning but we're hoping this will be the last surgery for a very long time.

Once he is out of recovery I'll update on how he is doing.
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  1. I am so glad things went well! Don't let the totally red eyes freak you out (they freaked me out because nobody told me!). Happy wishes on a speedy recovery for him!!

  2. Poor sweetie, Y'all are in my thoughts & prayers! Hoping for a speedy recovery! :)


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