Monday, August 30

Holy Hurt

My poor Bryce! We'd heard horror stories from our neighbors who have boys about the aftermath of a circumcision and the care and cleaning thereof but nothing could have prepared us for the world of hurt Bryce was in yesterday afternoon.

It was a long day of Bryce crying - not like his usual cry which is actually just a whine, but full on sobbing and staring at me like how could you did you do this to me, which of course means that we were both crying. It was just awful and the only thing we could do was hold him and rock him and try to get him to sleep.

We finally called the doctor's office and his nurse suggested we try Motrin, which seems to me to be some sort of undiscovered miracle drug because we had it right here in the house and it could have saved us hours of misery. At any rate, we eventually got Bryce's pain to a manageable level with a combination of Vicodin and Motrin late yesterday afternoon and just in time for him to go to sleep at his usual 7:30 p.m. bedtime. We woke him a couple of times to give him his medications but otherwise he slept through to 7 this morning.

And now we have our Bryce back - he woke up happy and playful as ever! I'm trying to get him to take a nap right now because I'm scared he's trying to do too much and will end up hurting again.

We're hoping today will be a better day!


  1. Oh poor little man! Glad you could get his pain under control and today is a new day!

  2. Poor little guy!! I'm sure he will thank you for it later :) I agree about Motrin -a miracle drug! Big kisses for Bryce from all of us!

    The Dieringer's


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