Sunday, June 6

Happy Almost Birthday, Bryce

Abuelita took Bryce shopping for his birthday a little early. Here he is, giving kisses, in his new walker!

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  1. Happy birthday little buddy! Today is a big day for you and for all of us that love you. One year ago today you gave your mommy and daddy (and a few more people) the shock of their life! But today, the feelings are much different. Although memories of that day are still fresh for some, today is a grand celebration of the amazng journey you and your parents have shared. The awesome triuphs you, tiny little you, have made. You are the strongest little boy I know! I look forward to seeing your sweet little face, that beautiful big smile and hearing those precious little kisses tomorrow! We love you Bryce! Happy 1st birthday!!

    All Our Love,
    The Dieringer's

  2. Happy Birthday sweet baby Bryce! We hope that you have a great birthday and have lots of fun.

    Much love,

    Brian, Weslea and Audrey Wilks


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