Friday, June 4

First Haircut

While waiting in pre-op last week Caleb and I realized that neuro would once again be shaving Bryce's head. So I did what I needed to do in order to have some semblance of control over the situation - I had Caleb get a pair of scissors from the nurse's desk and a plastic bag. Then I snipped it off myself.

He had the cutest little tuft of comb-over you've ever seen growing from his last shunt incision. It was dark like my hair while the rest is light like his Daddy's.

I had to cut it off in an OR waiting room with big red hospital scissors and tuck into yet another Bio-Hazard bag.

I couldn't help but stop for a second to imagine Bryce some day, perhaps at 11 or 12, asking why all of his baby mementos are in clear plastic Bio-Hazard bags.

And par for the course, neuro only shaved half of the comb over off. So now it's partly shaved and partly mommy-hacked. And now Caleb wants me to cut the other "crazy" scar hairs - we'll see.

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