Monday, May 24

Swim Class

Today, Monday May 24th, marked a new adventure for our little family - swim class! It's just 30 minutes, four days a week for two weeks but it's still a little daunting. Bryce is both the smallest and the youngest in the class for kiddos from six month old all the way up to three years.

But what he lacks in size and stature he makes up for in tenacity and plain old cuteness!

Here are some picks I took of the two of us just after class. Taking pictures of Bryce in the water just wasn't feasible, since it was just the two of us. This is a beginner class after all.

Bryce is a generally happy go lucky kind of guy but there are two things he just doesn't like: sun and wind. Not a great combination for Texas boy but he's laid back and takes it all in stride.

Our first class wasn't lacking in either department so Bryce compensated by keeping his head down and his eyes closed for the majority of the class. A couple of times I was able to turn his face away from the sun and despite the cold water he not only never fussed or cried but seemed to be hiding a little enjoyment even.

And as soon as class was over he was the happiest baby in the pool (if not the only baby in the pool). He smiled and babbled and tried to eat his towel with the best of 'em.

Wednesday is class number 3 and Daddy's turn to take him. I'm hoping my boys will fair well and bring me home some more pictures to share!

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  1. How fun! We found that Jack will wear sunglasses which really helps outside because he's not a fan of the bright sunshine either. They are just regular sunglasses, but I know another preemie that was getting transition lenses....


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