Thursday, May 27

Birthday Planning Fun!

Bryce's first birthday is so close it's officially begun showing up as a countdown in my Blackberry calendar, my iCal calendar and my old school leather bound weekly calendar. It's time to get my butt in gear!

In case you don't live near or are just stalking us here is a copy of the invitation so you can see how cute they came out:



And that picture up at the top I had printed in little round stickers that I used to seal the envelopes with. I'm having way too much fun, I know!

We've also got a Dr. Seuss pinata, goodie bags for the kiddos and a daunting food preparation list already in the works.

I've you have ANY Dr. Seuss birthday ideas I'm all ears!! hint, hint

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  1. THE.CUTEST.INVITE.EVER. COnsider this my RSVP, though a week late.


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